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"Authentic" Elvis Presley Back In Vegas!: EPE and Westgate Resort & Casino announce today that they will bring the authentic Elvis Presley back to Las Vegas for the first time in 40 years. Graceland presents "ELVIS: The Exhibition - The Show - The Experience" will include an expansive, new permanent exhibition featuring hundreds of artifacts never before displayed outside of Graceland, and live entertainment shows that celebrate the life and legacy of Elvis Presley. It's all happening at the Westgate, previously known as theInternational Hotel, where Elvis performed over 600 record-breaking, sold-out shows.

The first-ever permanent EPE exhibition outside of Memphis will encompass over 28,000 square feet and include hundreds of artifacts from the Presley family’s treasured


Graceland Archives, showcasing the man, the performer and the music that revolutionized popular culture around the world. Visitors will experience an unprecedented journey through Elvis’ life and career, beginning with his early days in Tupelo, concluding with a 26-minute retrospective film featuring Elvis’ greatest performances. Opens April 23, 2015.
Some of the rare artifacts include Elvis’ high school yearbooks, his first Gold Album, his 1957 Harley Davidson motorcycle, a 1962 Lincoln Continental, 1971 Stutz Blackhawk, jewelry and iconic stage wear from Elvis’ live performances, including the first outfit worn on stage for his first concert at the International Hotel in 1969. Select artifacts will be rotated regularly with artifacts in the Graceland Archives, to keep the exhibit constantly evolving and fresh. Tickets are $22 and available for purchase now.
The newly renamed and renovated Elvis Presley International Showroom will also present Elvis-themed live shows for limited 

engagement runs (see below). 
Another exciting feature will be the new Elvis Presley’s Graceland Wedding Chapel, which will be the first-ever wedding chapel in Las Vegas to be operated by EPE. The chapel is scheduled to open on April 23.
The grand opening of the exhibition, live show and wedding chapel will be marked with a star-studded celebration, with Priscilla Presley joining the roster of VIPs and celebrities.
"After a 40 year absence, it’s time for the authentic Elvis Presley to return to Las Vegas," stated Joel Weinshanker, Managing Partner of Graceland Holdings LLC. "The extensive exhibition, live shows and wedding chapel will together create an unprecedented Elvis experience for visitors."
Go HERE to EPE to book tickets and more details 
The FTD label has been doing an excellent job at looking at the recording anthology of Elvis Presley and releasing every significant LP or recording session on a 1CD or 2CD ‘Classic Album’ version. 
However, as noted with the recent "ELVIS" second LP release, there are less and less outtakes and studio sessions left in the vaults. 
Following our previous article “What now, what next, where to – what’s left” where EIN contributor Ian Garfield reviewed what has already been released by FTD, he now looks at how FTD might present their future 'Classic Album' releases.
Over the next couple of weeks, EIN will cover the remaining movie soundtracks and the possible inclusions that could produce a suitable release for the avid collector for these recordings.

This first article covers the possible releases of Kissin’ Cousins andRoustabout. 


59 years ago, Elvis' First Number 1!: It is fifty-nine years ago (Feb 25, 1956) this week that Elvis scored his first national No. 1 hit with 'I Forgot to Remember to Forget'. This is always a surprise to fans who think that 'Heartbreak Hotel' was his first US national smash.
The song, his final single released on the SUN label, stayed at the top of the US Billboard "Country" chart for two weeks. Written by Charlie Feathers and Stan Kesler, the single was one of only 10 tracks released by Sun Records before his RCA take-over, but the single's big success was due to the RCA reissue in December 1955.
Stan Kesler was a regular studio player and had already supplied 'I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone' for Elvis' forth single when he had the idea for 'I Forgot to Remember to Forget'. Kesler recalled, "At that time, I was on the kick of catchy titles, when I began to think about that phrase, it just expanded into 'I forgot to remember to forget her.' From there, I started working on it, and it all fell together."
Released, together with the sensational 'Mystery Train', this song would become Elvis' first number one hit on any national chart.

'I Forgot to Remember to Forget' was recorded the same night as 'Mystery Train' but was bolstered by adding Johnny Bernero on drums.


Elvis - The Essential Undubbed Masters' (1-CD Digipack)
For the first time the most essential undubbed recordings.
All edited to full versions, without the studio banter of false starts. All tracks are unreleased in this form.
The pure high-class  Elvis sound !
Tracklist - Suspicious Minds, Don’t Cry Daddy, It Keep Right On A Hurtin’, In The Ghetto, I Really Don’t Want To Know, When I’m Over You, I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water, The Fool, I’ll Take You Home Again Kathleen, For The Good Times, Separate Ways, Burning Love, Always On My Mind, Find Out What’s Happening, Loving Arms, Good Time Charlie’s Got The Blues, If You Talk In Your Sleep, Promised Land, Way Down, Moody Blue

 Elvis - Good ‘N’ Country (1-CD Digipack)
A sublime late 60’s and 70’s country album, full of rare versions, live recordings and outtakes. All tracks are unreleased in this form.
The ppublicity notes,"If you ever decide to buy an Elvis country compilation album, this the one for you !!"
Tracks - I Was Born About 10.000 Years Ago ( Unedited Master ), It Ain’t No Big Thing ( Take 6 ), Faded Love ( Brass And Strings Overdub Master ), Make The World Go Away ( Take 3 ), Snowbird ( Harmony Vocal Overdub ), Pieces Of My Life ( Alternate Mix ), The Fool ( Undubbed Master ), Welcome To My World ( Recorded Live, Differend Mix ), Until It’s Time For You To Go ( Take 6 ), Early Morning Rain ( Take 11 ), Little Cabin On The Hill ( Unedited Master ), Green Green Grass Of Home ( Take 3 ), There’s A Honky Tonk Angel ( Take 1 ), Susan When She Tried ( Take 2 ), If I’m A Fool For Loving You ( Take 3 ), If You Love Me Let Me Know ( Rough Undubbed Live Master ), Talk About The Good Times ( Take 3 ), I’ll Be There ( Take 6, Improved), It’s A Matter Of Time ( Brass And Strings Overdub Master), For The Good Times (Undubbed Alternate Master )

'I Need You So' was recorded by Elvis on 23 February 1957 - at his 'Loving You' soundtrack follow-up session.

On the same night Elvis recorded the number one smash'One Night' as well as 'I Beg Of You', 'Don't Leave Me Now' and Cole Porter's 'True Love'.

The author was Ivory Joe Hunter, a talented pianist and composer who in the 1940s even had his own radio show on Texas KFDM and who also started his own record company 'Ivory and Pacific'. Ivory Joe Hunter was popular as a touring artist, especially after his 'I Almost Lost My Mind' topped the R&B charts in 1950.

Elvis obviously enthused over Ivory Joe Hunter's material since he also recorded his compositions 'My Wish Came True', 'Ain't That Loving You Baby', 'I Will Be True', 'I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen' and'It's Still Here'.

Elvis had attempted 'I Need You So' at his earlier "second album" recording session in September 1956 but soon gave up as he couldn't get the sound he wanted. Elvis also sang Hunter's 'Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind' at the 'Million Dollar Quartet' jam in December 1956 

'Shaking Them Up' New Import CD: Out soon from the "SR" label is 'Shaking Them Up' featuring the unreleased AUDIENCE RECORDED show from Jacksonville April 16, 1972 A/S. As everybody knows SR concentrates its work on early 70's live period of Elvis' activity, trying to produce always unreleased shows with Elvis at the top of his possibilities. With the new release, we are proud to present the complete show from April 16th afternoon show, a rare show from a the first tour of the 1972, known well from the Elvis on Tour documentary... Elvis' love of singing is clear in this tape and we are glad to give you the opportunity to listen to it. 
After the emotionally breakdown of Vegas winter season where personal problems have blended with music and subsequent depression, Elvis starts the first of the three tours of the year with the will to give his best. The April tour 19 concerts in 15 days will be filmed from the MGM documentary Elvis in Tour and still present Elvis’ at the top of his possibility, the repertoire of the tour is an extension of the Vegas February season with the only inclusion of For The good times and Burning in love coming for his recording March sessions . The man looks pale in front the cameras and no in his best looking although in terrific shape, however in no way is possible to compare him with previous November 1971 tour.
The show is solid and rough no too long considering a tour concert, we have 53 minutes only, but Elvis worked hard performing 18 songs, including his new single “An American Trilogy.” together his classic best repertoire of Vegas.. Talking of highlight of the show, we can agree with the Florida-Times review, the physical performance of Suspicious minds is surely the best moment of the show…...
This recording come from an early generation copy of the Audience Recorded master tape, the sound quality is very good considering the early Tour. The sound was restored in matter to remove the background noise and preserving Elvis’ voice and 
trying to achieve best possible results. We have spent hours in the studio over the digital restoration of the sound, to give you the chance to hear it with pleasure.
This new CD will come with the classic of deluxe Digipack four panels, containing a collection of live photographs from the actual show 


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Our popular new weekly spotlight 'Elvis Star Track' continues where every week we choose a particular song that we think is worth looking at and commenting on. Sometimes we will choose a "classic", more often a relatively obscure song.
You can email us your thoughts or comment via our EIN FB page. We will add the most interesting comments to our 'Elvis Star Track' article.
This week, as suggested by Bob Parente, we have selected a song that Elvis would perform throughout his career.
'Trying To Get To You'
Elvis' first version was recorded at SUN studios on 11 July 1955, the same day he laid-down the classic 'Mystery Train'. 
'Tryin' to Get to You' was composed by Rose Marie McCoy and Charles Singleton. The original version was recorded and released by the US groupThe Eagles earlier in 1954. Rose Marie McCoy was also a co-writer on Elvis' 'I Beg Of You'.
Sam Phillips believed that 'Trying To Get To You' was a potential A-Side for a future SUN single, but it never happened as by this time Col Parker and RCA were arranging the buy-out of Elvis contract.
In an interview Rosie McCoy slyly noted, "Elvis did 'Trying To Get To You' exactly like The Eagles original, exactly. Every breath, every sound, everything. Amazing how he did that. ... He wasn't a big star at that point, and we thought he was terrible because we thought he couldn't sing. We didn't understand, but we was grateful. Thank God for Elvis."
Elvis however certainly took the song from Doo-Wop to Rock'n'Roll strongly supported by Scotty Moore's marvelously cutting guitar work and the sparse arrangement.
Elvis obviously loved the song as he kept returning to it throughout his career. Not only did Elvis bring a fabulously re-invigorated version to the 68 'Elvis NBC TV Special' but performed it over 120 times in his seventies performances, all the way through to his June 21, 1977 'Elvis In Concert' CBS TV show.
It would be one of his rare album tracks that Elvis would perform live in all three decades - the June 27, 68 "Sit-Down" show recording of 'Trying To Get To You' was an amazing reinvention with a emotional power that even surpassed the 1955 original.
The 1968 live version would first be officially released on 1974's vinyl'A Legendary Performer Vol.1' and respected author Greil Marcus described the 68 version as, "'Trying To Get To You' - God, the passion in that. The drama. The stuff is so strong and so powerful and there is such a broad feeling of discovery, invention, playfulness and vehemence."
Elvis would also feature the track on his 1974 'Elvis: As Recorded Live on Stage in Memphis' by which time he was performing it with more of the big-band R&B swagger of the original The Eagles version. When released in 1974 it would be the first time that worldwide Elvis fans would know that he was featuring the song at his seventies concerts. It was in January 1974 that 'Trying To Get To You' became a regular on his set-list.
Elvis was performing it less frequently in 1976 / 1977 but he didreturn to it for his second CBS TV Rapid City recording on June 21, 1977, it was one of the best tracks from the show.
With Elvis noting, "A song I did about 18 years ago, my Dad likes this" and taken at a slower pace - but still featuring those Elvis vocal warbles from back in1955 - it was a fitting final goodbye to this classic song.

LOVE ME – The British HMV Singles ’56 - ’57' New Uk Vinyl:Coming Soon from Vee-Tone Records, 'LOVE ME – The British HMV Singles ’56-’57' is a stunning 12” album bringing together in chronological order, all of Elvis’ electrifying and now highly collectibleBritish HMV (His Masters Voice) singles released between March ’56 and March ’57.  This special limited edition of only 500 copies comes in a 180g vinyl format.  When Elvis signed his new recording contract in November 1955, taking him from Sun Records in Memphis, to national music giant RCA Victor, nobody could have predicted the influence he would have on the course of popular music worldwide.  Elvis’ pioneering, early UK singles were released on EMIs, HMV label before being moved by British Decca over to RCA/RCA Victor in 1958.  LOVE ME – The British HMV Singles ’56 - ’57, charts Elvis’ meteoric rise in Britain.  Featuring recordings from Elvis’ Sun Records catalogue and the now legendary RCA ’56 sessions, 16 pure Rock ‘n’ Roll gems, pre-army Presley at his very best!
·         500 Limited Edition;
·         Quality 180g black vinyl;
·         Printed colour inner sleeve;

 Liner notes; Stunning artwork;
· Contains all 8 singles from between March ’56 to March ’57 in chronological order.
SIDE A, 1. Heartbreak Hotel, 2. I Was The One, 3. Blue Suede Shoes, 4. Tutti Frutti, 5. I Want You, I Need You, I Love You, 6. My Baby Left Me, 7. Hound Dog,
8. Don't Be Cruel
SIDE B, 1. Blue Moon, 2. I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine, 3. Love Me Tender, 4. Any Way You Want Me, 5. Mystery Train, 6. Love Me, 7. Rip It Up, 8. Baby, Let's Play House.

 New book by Kathy Westmoreland?: Elvis Matters have reported that Kathy Westmoreland may be working on a new book. After Ginger Alden and Shirley Dieu published successful Elvis based autobiographies in 2014, it seems that Kathy Westmoreland has decided to publish a new expanded telling of her story with Elvis. 

Elvis Matters reports that "although Kathy Westmoreland has published her memories of her years with Elvis before, she has just announced that she began working on a new book about Elvis. No release date yet, except that we wouldn't be surprised if the book would be published in 2017, "40 years after". It will be interesting to see how she will approach the 'cancer story' this time."

Elvis Films FAQ"  was reviewed by EIN as one of the best Elvis books published in 2013... "Paul Simpson examines every angle of Elvis’ film career and writes about it in a very engaging and enjoyable style. The real triumph of this book is that it will make you want to watch all of Elvis’ films one more time! Highly recommended."

While Elvis' Hollywood years are full of mystery, and Elvis Films FAQ covers them all! Elvis Films FAQ explains everything you want to know about the whys and wherefores of the singer-actor's bizarre celluloid odyssey; or, as Elvis said, "I saw the movie and I was the hero of the movie."


 ELVIS 1956


 Elvis: That's the Way It Is is a documentary movie directed by Denis Sanders about Elvis Presley that was released on November 11, 1970. The film documents Elvis' Summer Festival in Las Vegas during August 1970. It was his first non-dramatic film since the beginning of his movie career in 1956, and the film gives a clear view of Presley's return to live performances after years of making movies. The original concept as devised by Colonel Tom Parkerwas in view of Elvis's triumphant return to live performances was a closed circuit television presentation of one show but the concept developed into this movie. Although the majority of the footage takes place onstage at the International Hotel in Las Vegas, there are several other parts to the film:

  • The opening credits sequence contains footage of Elvis' show at Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix on September 9, 1970. This was the first show of Elvis' first tour in 13 years.

  • There is also a session of rehearsals that takes place in the Showroom Internationale of the International Hotel in Las Vegas. Together, Elvis and the entire group run through songs from "Mary In the Morning" to "Polk Salad Annie". These rehearsals took place on August 7, 1970.
  • Footage of an Elvis Appreciation Society convention in Luxembourg was shot on September 5, 1970. Radio Luxembourg DJs Tony Prince and Peter Aldersley are on hand to lead the festivities. A tandem bicycle owned by Elvis is raffled off to a lucky fan in the audience. Additionally, various musicians are seen performing their own versions of Elvis' songs


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