Title:4 Vegas Trumps  Label:?  Label Number:no number  Release Date:2009  Recording Type:Live Audience Recording  Location:Las Vegas, Nevada Date:August 27 - 1974 , Midnight Show Sound:good        Track Listing: 01If You Talk In Your Sleep 02:4702Let Me Be There 04:1403Hawaiian Wedding Song 01:5104Softly As I Leave You 02:59     Note: Only 4 songs on this cardboard release.
"Hawaiian Wedding Song" was released before on the FTD CD "From Sunset To Las Vegas".     

20 Fantastic Hits - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD 20 Fantastic Hits - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD 20 Fantastic Hits - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD

     Title:20 Fantastic Hits  Label:not listed  Label Number:none  Release Date:2015  Recording Type:Studio recording  Location:Various  Sound:Studio       Track Listing: 01(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear  01:4902Heartbreak Hotel  02:0903Hound Dog  02:1704Jailhouse Rock  02:2905Are You Lonesome Tonight?  03:0806Wooden Heart  02:0507King Creole  02:0908Blue Suede Shoes  02:0109Guitar Man  02:2010Suspicious Minds  04:2311Love Me Tender  02:4412It's Now Or Never  03:1713Hard Headed Woman  01:5514Crying In The Chapel  02:2615You're The Devil In Disguise  02:2116Return To Sender  02:0917My Baby Left Me  02:1418Can't Help Falling In Love  03:0419I'm All Shook Up  02:0020In The Ghetto  02:48       Notes; Reprint of the RCA Victor LP 27480-3 from 1975, Germany
‎    Announcement: Another classic album finally released on silver pressed CD ! This 1975 album outsold Elvis' studio albums at the time and was a huge success. After the success of the Camden albums on cardsleeve, this is another winner for your collection !!

Elvis - 24 Carat Gold Elvis - 24 Carat Gold Elvis - 24 Carat Gold Elvis - 24 Carat Gold

     Title:24 Carat Gold  Label:2001  Label Number:2001 / 02  Release Date:1997  Recording Type:Studio  Location:1960 - 1968  Sound:Soundboard        Track Listing:  CD 1:    01Fame And Fortune (take 5) 02:3102Gently (take 2) 02:2203There's Always Me (take 1) 02:1704Starting Today (take 2) 02:0805That's Someone You'll Never Forget (take 7) 02:4706I'm Yours (take 5) 02:1707For The Millionth And The Last Time (take 4) 02:0808Anything That's Part Of You (take 5) 02:1109I Met Her Today (take 4) 02:4710Something Blue (take 6) 03:0111Gonna Get Back Home Somehow (take 6) 02:3412Fountain Of Love (take 9) 02:1513Night Rider (take 5) 02:1614Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello (take 4) 01:5815Echoes Of Love (take 1) 02:3016Please Don't Drag That String Around (take 2) 02:0017Ask Me (take 1) 02:1918Western Union (take 3) 02:1619Love Letters (take 2) 02:5420The Girl I Never Loved (take 11) 01:5321You Don't Know Me (film version) (take 18) 02:2222A House That Has Everything (take 6) 02:1623Stay Away (take 6) 02:2224U.S. Male (take 11) 02:41       CD 2:    01Fame And Fortune (takes 3 & 9) 04:1502Gently (takes 1 & 4) 02:5503I'm Yours (takes 3 & 2) 02:4404For The Millionth And Last Time (takes 3 & 5) 02:5805Anything That's Part Of You (takes 4, 6, 7 & 9) 03:4106Fame And Fortune (takes 10, 12 & 11) 05:4107I Met Her Today (takes 2 & 5) 03:2508Something Blue (takes 3 & 4) 03:1709For The Millionth And Last Time (takes 11 & 8) 02:5110Gonna Get Back Home Somehow (takes 3 & 5) 03:1711Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello (take 3) 02:0312Ask Me (takes 3 & 4) 03:5013Stay Away (takes 1, 4 & 9) 06:2314You Don't Know Me (film version)(takes 1-3) 05:0915A House That Has Everything (takes 2, 3 & 5) 03:4816You Don't Know Me (film version)(takes 12 & 13) 03:0217Stay Away (takes 12 & 13) 02:3418Stay Away (undubbed master)(take 15) 02:35     

Elvis - 40 Greatest Hits  Elvis - 40 Greatest Hits Elvis - 40 Greatest HitsElvis - 40 Greatest Hits

     Title:Elvis - 40 Greatest Hits  Label:Route Records  Label Number: -  Release Date:2011  Recording Type:various  Location:various  Sound:Studio / Soundboard       Track Listing: 01My Baby Left Me 02:1602Heartbreak Hotel 02:1103Blue Suede Shoes 02:0304Hound Dog 02:1905Love Me Tender 02:4606Got A Lot Of Livin' To Do 02:3507(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear 01:5108Party 01:3209All Shook Up 02:0210Old Shep 04:1211Don't 02:5212Hard Headed Woman 01:5713King Creole 02:1114Jailhouse Rock 02:3115A Big Hunk O' Love 02:1716I Got Stung 01:5117One Night 02:3518(Now And Then There's) A Fool Such As I 02:4019I Need Your Love Tonight 02:0820Stuck On You 02:2221Fever 03:3722It's Now Or Never 03:1923Are You Lonesome Tonight? 03:1024Wooden Heart 02:0725Surrender 01:5726(Marie's The Name) His Latest Flame 02:1127Wild In The Country 01:5728There's Always Me 02:2129Rock-A-Hula Baby 02:0330Can't Help Falling In Love With You 03:0531Good Luck Charm 02:2831She's Not You 02:11            01Return To Sender 02:1102(You're The) Devil In Disguise 02:2303Crying In The Chapel 02:2804Guitar Man 02:2205In The Ghetto 02:5006Suspicious Minds 04:2507There Goes My Everything 03:0208
 Don't Cry Daddy
 09Burning Love (take 1) 02:5310Way Down (spliced take) 02:5511Moody Blue (overdubbed master)   02:4812How Great Thou Art (live, June 10, 1975) 04:1313What Now My Love (live, January 14, 1973) 03:0914An American Trilogy (live,  February 14, 1972 M.S.) 04:3315Bridge Over Troubled Water (live, August 12, 1970 M.S.) 04:3016I Just Cant Help Believing (live,  August 13, 1970 D.S.) 03:1417Polk Salad Annie (live,  February 18, 1970 D.S.) 04:4318Long Black Limousine (spliced take) 03:5319A Little Less Conversation (Comeback Special. vocal overdubb)   01:4620Bossa Nova Baby (take 3)   02:1921Blue Hawaii (take 3)   02:4022He Know Just What I Need (take 9)   02:1123Wear My Ring Around Your Neck (undubbed master with count in)   02:2324I Got A Woman (alternate take)   02:2825I Love You Because (take 3) 03:3626Thats All Right (take 3) 01:55     

71 Summer Festival Vol. 2 71 Summer Festival Vol. 2 71 Summer Festival Vol. 2

     Title:71 Summer Festival Vol. 2  Label:Chips  Label Number:1505  Release Date:1995  Recording Type:Live Audience Recording  Location:August 14 - 1971 Midnight Show  Sound:Excellent       Track Listing: 01Also Sprach Zarathustra 01:1802That's All Right 02:3403Proud Mary 02:5104You Don't Have To Say You Love Me 02:0205You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' 04:2206Polk Salad Annie 07:1207Johnny B. Goode 01:4208It's Over 00:4409Love Me 02:1810Blue Suede Shoes /  Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On 01:3311Heartbreak Hotel 01:4912Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel 02:2813Rip It Up (1 verse) 01:0414Hound Dog 01:1215I Need Your Lovin' Everyday 00:2116Suspicious Minds 07:3017Band Introductions 02:1618I'm Leavin' 03:2119Lawdy Miss Clawdy 01:2320Bridge Over Troubled Water (with reprise) 05:4721Can't Help Falling In Love / Closing vamp

71 Summer Festival Vol.1 - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD 71 Summer Festival Vol.1 - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD 71 Summer Festival Vol.1 - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD

     Title:71 Summer Festival Vol.1  Label:Chips  Label Number:1504  Release Date:1995  Recording Type:Live Audience Recording  Location:Las Vegas , Nevada Date:August 23 - 1971 , Dinner Show Sound:Very Good            Track Listing: 01Also Sprach Zarathustra 01:1002That's All Right 02:1703Proud Mary 02:5604I Got A Woman / Amen  02:3605Sweet Caroline 02:2006Polk Salad Annie 04:3807Johnny B. Goode 01:4308It's Impossible 02:4909Love Me 01:3410Blue Suede Shoes /  Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On  /  Blue Suede Shoes 01:3311Heartbreak Hotel 01:3912Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel 02:4813Hound Dog 01:3614Love Me Tender 02:3415Suspicious Minds 07:2716Band Introductions 00:5717I'm Leavin' 03:1618Lawdy Miss Clawdy 01:5319Can't Help Falling In Love

827 Thomas Crown Affair - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD 827 Thomas Crown Affair - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD 827 Thomas Crown Affair - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD

 Title:From Elvis - 827 Thomas Crown AffairLabel:VictrolaLabel Number:2015-01-2Release Date:2015Recording Type:StudioLocation:American Sound Studios, Memphis/TennesseeDate:January/February 1969Sound:Studio 


01Wearin' That Loved On Look 03:0002Only The Strong Survive 03:1603I'll Hold You In My Heart 04:2404Long Black Limousine 04:2105It Keeps Right On A-Hurtin' 02:3806I'm Movin' On 03:0407Power Of My Love 02:4708Gentle On My Mind 03:3809After Loving You 03:1210True Love Travels On A Gravel Road 03:0411Any Day Now 03:0512In The Ghetto 02:57       Bonus tracks:    13I'm Movin' On (take 2) 02:5614Long Black Limousine (splice of takes 2 & 5) 03:54     

1971 Summer Festival - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD 1971 Summer Festival - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD

     Title:1971 Summer Festival  Elvis Live In Las Vegas  Label:Showroom  Label Number:MTLV1971-4  Release Date:2010  Recording Type:Live Audience Recording  Location:Las Vegas , Nevada Date:August / September 1971 Sound:good / poor / average / average       Track Listing:

  CD 1: August 21, 1971, Midnight Show          01That's All Right   02:1802Proud Mary   03:0603I Got A Woman / Amen   02:3104Polk Salad Annie   04:0205Elvis talks   00:5606Johnny B. Goode   01:4307Love Me   01:3208Blue Suede Shoes / Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On   01:4109Heartbreak Hotel   01:3110Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel   02:1511Elvis sings and talks ...   01:2212Hound Dog   01:0713It's Impossible (incl. false start)   03:0414Love Me Tender   02:4115Little Sister / Get Back   02:3316Mystery Train / Tiger Man   02:1517Band Introductions   00:5818I'm Leavin'   03:1219Suspicious Minds   06:4420Lawdy Miss Clawdy   01:5021Bridge Over Troubled Water   04:0322Can't Help Falling In Love   01:54       Note: Before released on "The Cisco Kid Strikes Again".      Sound Sample: Proud Mary 



                 Track Listing:

  CD 2: August 24, 1971, Midnight Show          01That's All Right   02:4602I Got A Woman / Amen   02:2803Proud Mary   02:4404Sweet Caroline   02:2305Polk Salad Annie   04:2706Johnny B. Goode   01:4307Love Me   01:3408Blue Suede Shoes / Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On   01:3309Heartbreak Hotel   01:3610Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel   02:1511Hound Dog   01:1812Suspicious Minds   05:2213I'm Leavin'   03:1614Lawdy Miss Clawdy   01:5415All Shook Up   01:0816Can't Help Falling In Love   01:58      Sound Sample: Suspicious Minds 



            Track Listing:

  CD 3: August 31, 1971, Dinner Show          01Pre-Show   00:3502Also Sprach Zarathustra   01:1203That's All Right   02:1504I Got A Woman / Amen   02:3505Proud Mary   02:3906Sweet Caroline   02:2007Polk Salad Annie   03:5208Musical Intermezzo   00:5309Johnny B. Goode   01:4110It's Impossible   02:4011Love Me   01:3512Blue Suede Shoes / Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On   01:2913Heartbreak Hotel   01:3814Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel   02:4315Elvis Talks   01:0216Hound Dog   01:3117Suspicious Minds   06:2518Band Introductions   01:5019I'm Leavin'   03:1020Bridge Over Troubled Water (incomplete)   02:03           Sound Sample: I Got A Woman 



            Track Listing:

  CD 4: September 3, 1971, Midnight Show          01Also Sprach Zarathustra   01:2002That's All Right   02:1603I Got A Woman / Amen   02:4204Proud Mary   02:4005Sweet Caroline   02:1906Polk Salad Annie / I, John (excerpt)   03:2007Elvis talks   01:4108Johnny B. Goode   01:4009It's Impossible   02:5410Love Me   01:4011Blue Suede Shoes / Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On   01:3512Heartbreak Hotel   01:3513Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel   02:2314Hound Dog   02:4815Love Me Tender   02:2116Band Introductions   01:5817(Marie's The Name) His Latest Flame   00:3618Little Sister / Get Back   02:4219Jailhouse Rock   01:1120Wooden Heart   01:1221One Night   01:0622Band Introductions   00:4323I'm Leavin'   03:0924Lawdy Miss Clawdy   02:0325I Can't Help Falling In Love   01:4326Closing Vamp   00:45     

1972 On Tour Rehearsals (LP / CD / DVD) - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD 1972 On Tour Rehearsals (LP / CD / DVD) - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD

1972 On Tour Rehearsals (LP / CD / DVD) - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD1972 On Tour Rehearsals (LP / CD / DVD) - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD1972 On Tour Rehearsals (LP / CD / DVD) - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD

     Title:Elvis 1972 On Tour Rehearsals  Label:Magic King Recordings  Label Number:none  Release Date:2013  Recording Type:Rehearsals  Location:RCA's Studio C, Hollywood  Date:March 30/31, 1972  Sound:Soundboard !       Track Listing:  CD 1: March 30, 1972    01Burning Love (take 1 - incomplete) / Here We Go Again (one liner)   03:1002Burning Love (take 2)   03:2503Burning Love (take 3) / The Lord's Prayer (one liner)   03:1804Sweet Sweet Spirit (one liner)   00:1805For The Good Times (rehearsal)   02:5106For The Good Times (take 1 - incomplete)   03:3507For The Good Times (more rehearsal)   02:1708For The Good Times (take 2)   03:4409For The Good Times ((take 3, false start)   00:1910For The Good Times (take 4)   06:2111Anytime (one liner / dialogue)   01:4612For The Good Times (take 5)   03:3013For The Good Times (take 6 - incomplete)   03:0114For The Good Times (take 7)   04:0915Dialogue / El Paso (one liner)   01:3716Johnny B. Goode (take 1, false start)   01:0117Johnny B. Goode (take 2, false start)   00:4618Oh, How I Love Jesus (one Liner)   00:5619Johnny B. Goode ((take 3 / dialogue)   03:4120A Big Hunk O' Love (incomplete / dialogue)   04:3721Always On My Mind (rehearsal)   03:0122Always On My Mind (take 1 - incomplete)   02:3423Always On My Mind (take 2)   05:0924Separate Ways ( (take 1)   04:0825Separate Ways (take 2)   03:39             CD 2: March 31, 1972    01Proud Mary   02:4902Never Been To Spain   04:2903You Gave Me A Mountain (2 false starts)   01:4004Until It's Time For You To Go   05:4605Polk Salad Annie   03:0906Love Me   02:3807All Shook Up   02:3408Heartbreak Hotel   01:5909Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel   01:5610Hound Dog   02:1711The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face   05:4212A Big Hunk O' Love   02:5213A Big Hunk O' Love (reprise)   02:4114C. C. Rider   03:3015For The Good Times   03:4416For The Good Times (2 false starts)   02:2717For The Good Times (reprise)   06:3418Funny How Times Slips Away   05:2719Burning Love   02:45             CD 3: March 31, 1972    01Burning Love 04:0202Help Me Make It Through The Night 03:2403Can't Help Falling In Love 02:1904Young And Beautiful 05:1705Lawdy Miss Clawdy 02:4806Release Me 03:2907I'm Leavin' (partial) 00:4108Elvis chats with musicians 03:1009C. C. Rider 02:4610Proud Mary 03:5411Never Been To Spain 03:3412The Lighthouse 06:1013When It's My Time  05:0014I, John 02:0915Bosom Of Abraham 00:5216You Better Run (with false start) 02:1018Lead Me, Guide Me 03:4519Sweet Sweet Spirit   02:4220There's A Room At The Cross (partial)   01:5421Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus / Nearer My God To Thee   04:47       Notes: A 4 LP / 3 CD and 1 DVD set.

The content is a direct copy from Madison CDs.

1972 On Tour Rehearsals (LP / CD / DVD) - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD

The DVD includes outtake material from the movie "On Tour" (1972) and was copied from the Eternal Flame Productions DVD "On Tour - The Complete Outtakes"


A Bright Midnight With Elvis - Elvis Presley Memory Label CD A Bright Midnight With Elvis A Bright Midnight With Elvis

     Title: A Bright Midnight With Elvis  Label: Memory Records  Catalog Number: MR 22037-2  Release Date: January 2004  Recording Type: Live Audience Recording  Location: Las Vegas, Nevada - International Hotel  Date: August 20, 1970 - Midnight Show  Sound: Excellent       Track listing: 01Opening Vamp00:4502That's All Right, Mama01:5503I Got A Woman/Ave Maria (Excerpt)03:1404Tiger Man01:4805Playing Around With Laughing Box / Monologue02:2806Love Me Tender (With False Start)06:3407I've Lost You03:4608Sweet Caroline02:4509You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'04:2310Polk Salad Annie04:3211Band Introductions00:4312Sweet Inspiration00:5613Band Introductions (Cont)00:2214Johnny B. Goode01:4515Band Introductions (Cont)01:4616The Wonder Of You02:1617Heartbreak Hotel01:3518Blue Suede Shoes02:0919Hound Dog02:1520More (Part Only)00:3321Bridge Over Troubled Water04:3422Suspicious Minds (Laughing Version)05:2623Can't Help Falling In Love01:4624Closing Vamp00:20    Bounus Tracks (Las Vegas 19.09.1970 Dinner Show) 25Tiger Man02:2626I've Lost You03:2027You Don't Have To Say You Love Me02:1328Polk Salad Annie06:0329Bridge Over Troubled Water04:39       Notes:: This is the ultimate issue of this show. Good sound throughout and nice package coupled with excellent bonus tracks.
   Concert: The show itself is another one in a row of outstanding performances Elvis gave in Vegas in the summer of 1970. No weak spot and power versions of  That`s All Right, Tiger Man and Polk Salad Annie. He pours his heart out in I`ve Lost You or You`ve Lost That Loving Feeling, he sighs in Bridge Over Troubled Water and he yells out his love in The Wonder Of You. Excellent !!! (Ciscoking)

A Capital Performance - LMP - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD A Capital Performance - LMP - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD A Capital Performance - LMP - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD

     Title:A Capital Performance  Label:LMP (Lovely Music Production)  Label Number:LMP 1017-001  Release Date:2002  Recording Type:Live Soundboard  Location:Jackson , Mississippi  Date:June 8 - 1975 , 8:30 PM  Sound:Soundboard       Track Listing: 01Comedy pre-programm by Jackie Kahane 17:1802Also Sprach Zarathustra 01:1203C. C. Rider 03:3604I Got A Woman / Amen 05:2905Love Me 02:1306If You Love Me (Let Me Know) 02:5907Love Me Tender 02:3608All Shock Up 01:4409Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel 02:0010Hound Dog 01:3211The Wonder Of You 02:1012Polk Salad Annie 03:1013Introductions 01:3014Johnny B. Goode 00:5715Hail! Hail! Rock 'n' Roll 05:0116T-R-O-U-B-L-E 03:3617Why Me Lord? 02:4518How Great Thou Art 02:5619Let Me Be There 02:5120An American Trilogy 04:0121Little Darlin' 02:1522Mystery Train / Tiger Man 02:3123Funny, How Time Slips Away 03:1724Can't Help Falling In Love 01:4125Closing Vamp 00:15      Notes : This show was released later on the Madison label which is not as good soundwise as this one 

A Burst Of Fire - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD A Burst Of Fire A Burst Of Fire

     Title: A Burst Of Fire  Label: Memory Records  Catalog Number: MR 2060-2  Release Date: March 2011  Recording Type: Live Audience Recordings  Location: Las Vegas  Date: August 24, 1973, Dinner Show  Sound: Good !       Track listing: 01Also Sprach Zarathustra   00:41 02C. C. Rider   02:58 03I Got A Woman / Amen   03:22 04Love Me   02:12 05Steamroller Blues   02:47 06You Gave Me A Mountain   03:12 07Blue Suede Shoes   01:04 08Rock Medley*   02:34 09Love Me Tender   01:38 10Fever   03:11 11Bridge Over Troubled Water   04:22 12Suspicious Minds   04:08 13Band Introductions   02:27 14Release Me   01:58 15Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel   01:47 16An American Trilogy   03:55 17A Big Hunk O' Love   02:43 18Heartbreak Hotel (incomplete)   01:24 19The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (incomplete)   03:40 20Can't Help Falling In Love   01:35 21Closing Vamp   00:32     Notes:
  *Long Tall Sally / Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On / Mama Don't Dance / Jailhouse Rock / Hound Dog

Wrongly dated on cover as August 25, 1973, Dinner Show

A Day In Dayton A Day In Dayton A Day In DaytonA Day In Dayton

     Title:A Day In Dayton  Label:Gravel Road  Label Number:GR CD 7401-2 / 7402-2  Release Date:2009  Recording Type:Live Soundboard Recording  Location:Dayton / Ohio  Date:October 6, 1974, Afternoon Show / October 6, 1974, Evening Show  Sound:Soundboard            Track Listing:  Afternoon Show:    01See See Rider 02:5302I Got A Woman / Amen 06:2803Love Me 02:1104If You Love Me Let Me Know 04:5405It's Midnight 03:0306Big Boss Man 02:3507Fever 03:0308Love Me Tender 01:3209Hound Dog (with reprise) 02:3610Band Introductions 04:4911Lawdy Miss Clawdy 02:0912Band Introductions 00:4413All Shook Up 00:5614Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel 01:5415Heartbreak Hotel 01:3816Why Me, Lord 02:5617Promised Land 02:4218You Gave Me A Mountain 03:0719Let Me Be There (with reprise) 03:4020Hawaiian Wedding Song (with reprise) 02:5421Can't Help Falling In Love 01:3622Closing Vamp 00:14       Evening Show:    01See See Rider 03:2002I Got A Woman / Amen 06:1803Love Me 01:2804If You Love Me 02:4705Fever 03:4306Big Boss Man 02:3907Love Me Tender 01:4308Hound Dog 01:2609The Wonder Of You 02:0310Blue Suede Shoes 01:0511Band Introductions 05:3512Lawdy Miss Clawdy 01:5013Band Introductions 00:4914All Shook Up 00:5615Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel 01:5416Heartbreak Hotel 01:3817Why Me, Lord (with reprise) 03:5918That's All Right 01:4319Blue Christmas 01:3820Let Me Be There (with reprise) 03:3421Hawaiian Wedding Song (with reprise) 02:5622Johnny B. Goode 01:5123Can't Help Falling In Love 01:3524Closing Vamp 00:49           Notes : Press note:
Shortly after ''The Return Of A Prodigy'', the Gravel Road Music label will release very soon (first week of October) two newly remastered shows taken directly from the original soundboard tapes. These two shows in one package is titled '' A Day In Dayton '' , and features both performances by Elvis on October 6, 1974 in Dayton, OH.

A Dinner Date With Elvis A Dinner Date With Elvis A Dinner Date With Elvis

     Title:A Dinner Date With Elvis  Label:Live Archives  Label Number:EPE 1011  Release Date:1991  Recording Type:Live Audience Recording  Location:Las Vegas , Nevada  Date:August 20 - 1970 , Dinner Show  Sound:Good !       Track Listing: 01That's All Right02:23  02I Got A Woman / Ave Maria02:57  03Tiger Man02:15  04Monologue02:57  05I've Lost You03:56  06I Just Can't Help Believin'05:11  07Polk Salad Annie03:53  08Sweet Inspiration01:05  09Introductions01:19  10Johnny B Goode01:42  11Introductions02:32  12The Wonder Of You02:19  13Heartbreak Hotel01:33  14Memphis Tennessee00:29  15One Night01:26  16Blue Suede Shoes01:09  17Hound Dog02:20  18Bridge Over Troubled Waters04:30  19Can't Help Falling In Love01:58 

A Dinner At the Hilton -  Elvis Presley Bootleg CD A Dinner At the Hilton -  Elvis Presley Bootleg CD A Dinner At the Hilton -  Elvis Presley Bootleg CD

     Title:A Dinner At The Hilton  Label:EP Tower  Label Number:F1673  Release Date:2007  Recording Type:Live  Location:Las Vegas, Hilton Hotel  Date:February 16 - 1973 , Dinner Show  Sound:Average !       Track Listing: 01Also Sprach Zarathustra 01:1402See See Rider 03:0203I Got A Woman / Amen 03:1704Love Me Tender 02:2105You Don't Have To Say You Love Me 01:5706Steamroller Blues 02:5307You Gave Me A Mountain 03:0608Fever 03:0009Love Me 01:3410Blue Suede Shoes 01:1211Hound Dog 02:0712What Now My Love 02:5813Johnny B. Goode 01:3814Suspicious Minds 04:3015Introductions 02:1516I Can't Stop Loving You 02:2017American Trilogy 04:4518Can't Help Falling In Love   03:04     

A Killer Nite! - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD A Killer Nite - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD A Killer Nite - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD

     Title:A Killer Nite!  Label:Straight Arrow  Label Number:SA/SP 2016-39-02  Release Date:2016  Recording Type:Live Audience Recording  Location:Las Vegas / Nevada  Date:August 26 - 1972, Dinner Show  Sound:Very Good            Track Listing: 01
27 Also Sprach Zarathustra
C. C. Rider
Johnny B. Goode
Until It's Time For You To Go
You Don't Have To Say You Love Me
Love Me Tender
You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling
Polk Salad Annie
Instrumental Intermezzo / Monologue
What Now My Love
Love Me
Blue Suede Shoes
Heartbreak Hotel
All Shook Up
Little Sister / Get Back
Hound Dog
I’ll Remember You
Walk That Lonesome Road (J. D. Sumner & Stamps)
Suspicious Minds
Introductions of singers, musicians, orchestra
My Way
A Big Hunk O' Love
You Gave Me A Mountain
Mystery Train / Tiger Man
Can't Help Falling In Love
Closing Vamp
00:46       Notes: Press note (sic):
Coming out soon is new Straight Arrow CD titled "A KILLER NITE", featuring the previously unreleased Las Vegas, August 26th, 1972 Dinner show. 
This recording is taken directly from a recently found original mastertape, as recorded by British super fan Rex Martin. This new source has never been in circulation. 

Of all the engagements that Elvis performed between 1969 and '76, there is no doubt that his Summer '72 season was one of his finest. Not only that, but he was also operating on a consistently strong level, which is something that you can't even say about the Summer '70 one, which had its fair share of poor shows near the end of the engagement. He was in total command of his art, he looked fantastic and he sang like a bird. Each concert from this engagement is recommended listening for the true Elvis scholar. 

As usual, our new release is presented in Straight Arrow's standard deluxe digipack, designed with a collection of photos of Elvis, taken during Elvis’ 1972 Las Vegas Summer Festival.

A Matter Of Duty A Matter Of Duty A Matter Of Duty

 Title:A Matter Of DutyLabel:Management 3Label Number:MM 612Release Date:2012Recording Type:Live Audience RecordingLocation:Mobile / AlabamaDate:August 29 - 1976, Evening ShowSound:Average! Track Listing: 01Also Sprach Zarathustra  01:04  02See See Rider  03:29  03Elvis talks  01:44  04I Got A Woman / Amen  05:58  05Elvis talks  01:52  06Love Me  02:22  07If You Love Me (Let Me Know)  03:14  08You Gave Me A Mountain  03:49  09All Shook  01:02  10Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel  02:14  11And I Love You So  03:19  12Jailhouse Rock  01:53  13Fever  03:02  14America The Beautiful  03:06  15Band Introductions  02:21  16Early Morning Rain  01:00  17What'd I Say  00:46  18Johnny B. Goode  01:05  19Drum Solo [Ronnie Tutt]  01:27  20Bass Solo #1 [Jerry Scheff]  01:32  21Bass Solo #2 [Jerry Scheff]   01:04  22Piano Solo [Tony Brown]   01:36  23Electric Clavinet Solo [David Briggs]  01:06  24Love Letters  02:47  25School Days  01:04  26Hurt #1  01:52  27Hurt #2   01:57  28Hound Dog   01:20  29My Heavenly Father [Kathy Westmoreland]   03:29  30Elvis talks   00:49  31That's All Right   02:20  32Mystery Train / Tiger Man   03:15  33Can't Help Falling In Love   01:38  34Closing Vamp   01:45          35It's Now Or Never (November 25 - 1976 ES, Eugene / Oregon)   02:57  36Hurt  (November 25 - 1976 ES, Eugene / Oregon   02:03  37Hawaiian Wedding Song  (November 25 - 1976 ES, Eugene / Oregon   02:33  

A New Decade, A New Sound - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD A New Decade, A New Sound - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD A New Decade, A New Sound - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD - Elvis Presley Bootleg CDA New Decade, A New Sound - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD

     Title:A New Decade, A New Sound  Label:Straight Arrow  Label Number:SA/SP 2014-25A/B-02  Release Date:2014  Recording Type:Live Audience Recording  Location:Las Vegas, international Hotel  Date:CD 1: February 3 - 1970, Dinner Show
CD 2: February 5 - 1970, Dinner Show  Sound:Very Good !       Track Listing:  CD 1: February 3, 1970, DS    01Excerpt of Sammy Shore speech 00:1502Introduction: Orchestra Instrumental 00:3603Opening Vamp 00:3304All Shook Up 01:3605I Got A Woman 03:2506Proud Mary 03:2807Don't Cry Daddy 03:2708Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel 02:5409Long Tall Sally 02:1910Let It Be Me 03:3311I Can't Stop Loving You 02:4312Walk A Mile In My Shoes / In The Ghetto 06:2813Kentucky Rain 03:3914Sweet Caroline 02:4815Polk Salad Annie 05:5916Introductions of singers, musicians, orchestra 03:3217Suspicious Minds 08:2218Can't Help Falling In Love. 02:06             CD 2: February 5, 1970, DS    01Rick Rennie comments recorded prior the show 01:5102Introduction: Orchestra Instrumental 01:2003Opening Vamp 00:3804All Shook Up 01:3705I Got A Woman 02:5406Proud Mary 02:5607Don't Cry Daddy 03:1908Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel 03:0109C. C. Rider 02:4510Love Me 02:3511Let It Be Me 04:0412I Can't Stop Loving You 02:4613Love Me Tender 02:2314Chat with audience 01:5615In The Ghetto 02:5516Sweet Caroline 02:4617Polk Salad Annie 05:4618Introductions of singers, musicians, orchestra 02:0319Suspicious Minds 06:1120Can't Help Falling In Love / Announcement 02:07           

A New Kind Of Rhythm! - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD A New Kind Of Rhythm! - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD A New Kind Of Rhythm! - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD     Title:A New Kind Of Rhythm!  Label:Madison  Label Number:CWP 16  Release Date:2007  Recording Type:Live Soundboard Recording  Location:Cincinnati/Ohio, Riverfront Coliseum  Date:March 21 - 1976, Evening show  Sound:Soundboard !       Track Listing: 01Introduction   00:36  02C.C. Rider   04:06  03I Got A Woman/Amen   04:37  04Love Me (W/False Start)   01:57  05Let Me Be There   02:48  06Love Me Tender   01:44  07Steamroller Blues   03:03  08All Shook Up   01:00  09Teddy Bear/Don't Be Cruel   02:05  10You Gave Me A Mountain   03:23  11Polk Salad Annie   03:41  12Introductions By Elvis (Incomplete)   00:39  13What I'd Say? (James Burton)   00:47  14Drum Solo (Larrie Londin)   00:43  15Bass Solo (Jerry Scheff)   01:00  16Piano Solo (Shane Keister)   00:59  17Electric Piano Solo (David Bobby Briggs)   00:50  18Introduction By Elvis Of Orchestra   00:18  19School Day (Joe Guercio Orchestra)   00:59  20And I Love You So (with false start)   04:00  21Hurt   02:17  22Hurt (Full Reprise)   02:11  23Emergency Announcement (Elvis)   00:29  24Burning Love   03:05  25America The Beautiful   02:12  26Hound Dog   01:58  27Funny How Time Slips Away   03:07  28Can't Help Falling In Love   01:49  29Closing Vamp   01:14  30Elvis Has Left The Building And Final Announcements (Al Dvorin)   03:10 

A Pair Of Boots - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD A Pair Of Boots - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD A Pair Of Boots - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD

     Title:A Pair Of Boots  Label:POB  Label Number:67-74-75  Release Date:1998  Recording Type:Live Audience + Radio Broadcast  Location:Las Vegas , Nv + Studio  Date:1967 , 1974 & 1975  Sound:Various / Studio       Track Listing: 01Big Boss Man (25 August 1974) 03:0602If You Love Me Let Me Know (25 August 1974) 02:5203Until It's Time For You To Go (30 August 1974) 02:2504We Shall Overcome (27 August 1974) 00:0805If You Talk In Your Sleep (27 August 1974) 03:0006Hawaiian Wedding Song ( August 1975) 01:5807Early Morning Rain (29 August 1974) 02:3808Softly As I Leave You ( August 1974) 02:2909Amen ( August 1974) 02:0610How Great Thou Art (18 August 1975) 03:0411T-R-O-U-B-L-E ( August 1975) 03:4112And I Love So You (20 August 1975) 03:2913Green Green Grass Of Home (20 August 1975) 03:3214Fairytale ( August 1975) 03:3715Happy Birthday to James Burton (21 August 1975) 00:2516Hai Hail Rock 'n' Roll 02:0217Young And Beautiful ( August 1975) 01:2318It's Now Or Never ( August 1975) 02:2019Burning Love (20 August 1975) 03:2320Announcer / Here Comes Santa Claus 02:2121Announcer / Blue Christmas 02:3122Announcer / Oh, Little Town Of Bethlehem 02:4823Announcer / Silent Night 03:5924I'll Be Home For Christmas 01:5325Announcer / I Believe 02:2326Announcer / If Everyday Was Like Christmas 03:0427Announcer / How Great Thou Art 03:4728His Hand In Mine 03:0129Announcer / "Elvis' Christmas Message" /  I'll Be Home For Christmas / Announcer 03:19     


     Title:A Portrait In Music  Label:Oldies But Goodies Records  Label Number:CD 558  Release Date:2010  Recording Type:Studio Recordings  Location:various  Date:various  Sound:Studio       Track Listing: 01Hound Dog 02:19 02Jailhouse Rock 02:40 03A Big Hunk O Love 02:17 04A Fool Such As I 02:40 05Wooden Heart 02:07 06Are You Lonesome Tonight? 03:10 07It's Now Or Never 03:18 08Kiss Me Quick 02:50 09Good Luck Charm 02:28 10Devil in Disguise 02:23 11Guitar Man 02:58 12U.S. Male 02:44 13Don’t Be Cruel 02:06 14Treat Me Nice (take 19) 02:09 15My Wish Came True 02:37 16I Need Your Love Tonight (take 15) 02:07 17Puppet On A String (take 10) 02:46 18Tonight is So Right for Love (take 4) 02:17 19I Gotta Know (alternate take) 02:18 20A Mess Of Blues (alternate take) 02:33 21Make Me Know It (take 18) 02:05 22Suspicion (take 4) 02:28 23Night Rider (take 3) 02:14 24Anything That’s Part of You (take 3) 02:12 25Please Don’t Drag That String Around (take 5) 02:00 26Hi-Heel Sneakers (take 5) 04:58 27Stay Away (take 9) 02:17      

A Portrait In Music - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD A Portrait In Music - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD A Portrait In Music - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD

     Title:A Portrait In Music  Label:none listed  Label Number:none  Release Date:2015  Recording Type:Studio Recordings  Location:various  Date:various  Sound:Studio       Track Listing: 01Hound Dog 02:17 02Jailhouse Rock 02:29 03A Big Hunk O Love 02:15 04A Fool Such As I 02:39 05Wooden Heart 02:05 06Are You Lonesome Tonight? 03:08 07It's Now Or Never 03:17 08Kiss Me Quick 02:48 09Good Luck Charm 02:27 10Devil in Disguise 02:21 11Guitar Man 02:20 12U.S. Male 02:43        13Jailhouse Rock (take 5) 01:59 14Guitar Man (take 9) 02:26 15Good Luck Charm (take 1) 02:25 16It's Now Or Never (take 4) 03:14 17U.S. Male (take 10) 02:41 18A Fool Such As I (take 3) 02:38 19A Big Hunk O' Love (take 4) 02:11 20Devil In Disguise (take 1) 02:21 21Are You Lonesome Tonight? (take 2) 03:08 22Kiss Me Quick (take 7) 02:49