Directed by William A. Graham 
Produced by Joe Connelly 
Screenplay by James Lee, S.S. Schweitzer and Eric Bercovici
Story by John Joseph and Richard Morris
Music by Billy Goldenberg, Buddy Kaye and Ben Weisman
Cinematography Russell Metty 
Editing by Douglas Stewart 
Studio NBC Productions 
Distributed by Universal Pictures 
Release date November 10, 1969
Running time 93 minutes 
Country United States 
Language English


Dr. John Carpenter is a physician in a ghetto clinic who falls for a co-worker, Michelle Gallagher, unaware that she is a nun.

Elvis stars as a professional man for the first time in his career. Dr. Carpenter heads a ghetto clinic in a major metropolis. He is surprised to be offered assistance by three women. Unknown to him, the three are nuns in street clothing who want to aid the community but are afraid the local residents might be reluctant to seek help if their true identities were known. The nuns are also facing opposition from the ungodly priest from the local parish.

Carpenter falls in love with Sister Michelle Gallagher, played by wholesome Mary Tyler Moore, but Sister Michelle's true vocation remains unknown to Dr. Carpenter. She also has feelings for the doctor but is reluctant to leave the order. The film concludes with Sister Michelle and Sister Irene entering a church where Dr. Carpenter is singing to pray for guidance to make her choice.


Elvis Presley as Dr. John Carpenter
Mary Tyler Moore as Sister Michelle
Barbara McNair as Sister Irene
Jane Elliot as Sister Barbara
Edward Asner as Lt. Moretti
Leora Dana as Mother Joseph
Regis Toomey as Father Gibbons
Darlene Love as Backup Singer 
Fanita James as Backup Singer 
Jean King as Backup Singer 
A Martinez as Second Teen
Robert Emhardt as The Banker
Doro Merande as Rose
Richard Carlson as Bishop Finley


Change of Habit
Music by Ben Weisman
Lyrics by Buddy Kaye
Performed by Elvis Presley

Written by Dory Jones, Bunny Warren
Performed by Elvis Presley

Have a Happy
Written by Dolores Fuller
Performed by Elvis Presley

Let Us Pray
Music by Ben Weisman
Lyrics by Buddy Kaye
Performed by Elvis Presley

Change of Habit is a 1969 American musical drama film.

The film was produced by Joe Connelly for NBC Productions and distributed by Universal Pictures. Filmed on location in the Los Angeles area and at the Universal Studios during March and April of 1969, Change of Habit was released in the United States on November 10, 1969 and spent four weeks on the Variety Box Office Survey, peaking at #17.

Change of Habit was Presley's 31st and final film acting role; his remaining film appearances were in concert documentaries. The film was Moore's fourth and final film under her brief Universal Pictures contract; she would not appear in another theatrical movie until Ordinary People in 1980. Moore and Edward Asner, who also appears in the film, would go on to star in The Mary Tyler Moore Show, one of the most popular television shows in the 1970s.