Directed by Charles Marquis Warren 
Produced by Charles Marquis Warren 
Screenplay by Charles Marquis Warren 
Story by Frederick Louis Fox 
Music by Hugo Montenegro 
Cinematography Ellsworth Fredericks 
Editing by Al Clark 
Studio National General Pictures 
Distributed by National General Pictures 
Release date March 13, 1969
Running time 98 minutes 
Country United States 
Language English 
Box office $1.5 million


Jess Wade, a former member of a gang of outlaws led by Vince Hackett, is tricked into believing that an old flame of his and Vince's, Tracy Winters, wanted to meet him in a seedy Mexican saloon. Jess later sees Billy Roy Hackett, Vince's younger brother, summoning Vince and the other members of the gang into the saloon. Jess, realizing he was set up, orders the bar patrons to leave as a shoot out later ensues. After making a break for the door Jess is later stopped by another gang member, Gunner, and is trapped. Forcing Jess to relinquish his gun and to go with them to their hideout in the mountains, Vince later tells him that the gang had stolen a gold-plated cannon that was used by Emperor Maximilian in his ill-fated fight against popular Mexican leader Benito Juarez. After explaining to him about them stealing the cannon, Vince tells Jess that he let the word get out that, although a now-deceased member of the gang named Norm was the one who helped steal the cannon that it was Jess who stole it and had sustained a neck wound as a result of being shot by one of the guards, according to a wanted poster out on him. Ordering his men to subdue Jess on the ground, Vince takes a branding iron and burns a wound to his neck. taking Jess' horse, Vince and the gang later leaves Jess and takes off. The gang's motive is to force a ransom from the town they stole the cannon from, but the gang also uses the cannon to hold the townspeople at bay. Only Wade can save the people from his former gang.


Elvis Presley as Jess Wade
Ina Balin as Tracey Winters
Victor French as Vince Hackett
Barbara Werle as Sara Ramsey
Solomon Sturges as Billy Roy Hackett
Lynn Kellogg as Marcie
Paul Brinegar as Opie Keetch
Harry Landers as Heff
Tony Young as Lt. Rivera
James Almanzar as Sheriff Ramsey


Words and Music by Billy Strange and Mac Davis
Sung by Elvis Presley

Can Can
from "Orpheus In The Underworld"
Written by Jacques Offenbach
Played in the saloon

Charro! is a 1969 American western film. It was his only role that didn't feature him singing on-screen, and is the only Presley film to feature no songs at all except for the main title theme. It also features a bearded Presley for the first and last time in any of his films. It was also the only Presley film released to theaters by National General Pictures. The film made a profit but wasn't a runaway success, and remains one of Presley's least-seen films despite it being among his best in terms of a 'straight' (non-musical) acting performance.