ELVIS PRESLEY'S GOLD CADILLA TOUR OF AUSTRALASIA 1968 -69 BOOK  Put your hands up....how many of you knew that Elvis' Gold Cadillac was sent (in lieu of the King) on a tour of Australasia in the late 1960s? I'd wager that not too many fans are aware of this little known, but fascinating, part of the Elvis story. 
Bob Hayden's revised edition of Elvis Presley’s GOLD Cadillac Tour of AUSTRALASIA 1968-69, is an exhaustive narrative and visual account of the tour.......an account many fans will find absorbing.

Since publishing the first edition, Hayden, one of Australia's most well known and respected rock 'n' roll collectors and experts, has been able to source out and amass significantly more information and photographs around the tour. The result is a well written and engrossing account highlighting the importance of Elvis "downunder", jam packed with fantastic visuals!!



SPOTLIGHT ON THE NEW VINTAGE ROCK MAGZINE  The very first issue of the UK 'Vintage Rock' magazine features Elvis on the cover. Inside the magazine fans can read a great feature article that details Elvis' early years (up to 1955) and also check out some rare childhood photos. The first two lines of the Elvis feature article read, "Elvis Presley was more than a singer. He was - and still is - an icon of pop culture, the first larger than life superstar, a folk hero and legend, yet also something of a myth."

In addition to this another article ‘The Roots Of Rock‘n’Roll’ also features a close-up on Scotty Moore and Elvis.




ELVIS BY SPECIAL REQUEST 71-AT 40 BOOK  The latest Joseph Tunzi - Paul Lichter collaboration provides a long overdue visual focus on what some refer to as Elvis' 'lost tour".

EIN recently took time out to explore what  has to offer. What we found was a visually pleasing portfolio of images (many rare or previously unpublished) from the 12 cities visited throughout the tour supported by two informative essays by Paul Lichter and an array of press clippings published during the tour. (ELVIS FOREVERYONE)




ELVIS ON TOUR NOVEMBER 1971 BOOK  Published last year by author Kieran Davis this hardcover book focuses on Elvis' famous tour of November 1971, and for some reason almost slipped under the radar. With every November performance examined in detail over 150 pages, it features more than 200 photographs many previously unpublished, plenty of memorabilia plus exclusive original tour documents. Packed with rare pics and full reviews for each show it is one of the most comprehensive books ever written about the somewhat forgotten Elvis year of 1971.

It has been described as a labour-of-love by a true Elvis fan who wanted to self-publish a worthy book for true Elvis fans.



ELVIS PRESLEY AND NANCY SINATRA ON THE SPEEDWAY BOOK  A JAT production, the book features text by Paul Lichter and inside there are hundreds of world premier photos never-seen-before including the director Norman Taurog's inside Elvis' Palm Springs home and behind the scenes with Norman Taurog, Elvis and Nancy. Approximately 300 exclusive and breathtaking photographs!!!

A definitive look at Elvis' movie Speedway, following on from JAT's highly recommended classic look at Viva Las Vegas.



WHY ELVIS LEFT THE BUILDING BOOK  Being republished now is one of the worst-ever books about Elvis - full of lies and totally denigrating our man. 
"Elvis had rotten green and yellow teeth" and "Elvis was the Forrest Gump of the Lauderdale Courts"are just some of the ridiculous claims by Jimmy Denson from whom the material for this book is sourced. 
The book promotion is misleadingly positive, stating .. "In this phenomenal book written by Heart Lanier Shapré, amazingly, seven lost years of the King’s childhood are revealed. Learn the foundations of what shaped this mega star’s life. Of all the entertainers who have influenced pop culture over the past 50 years, Elvis Presley stands at the top. His influence can be felt in music, film, fashion, and in the emotions of all the lives he has touched around the world." (see publicity news item below). 
EIN presents its original 2006 review of this book from Nigel Patterson - who has read some terrible books in his time - but says this is worse than the Albert Goldman fiasco. 


VIVA LAS VEGAS BOOK  Prolific Elvis publisher, Joe Tunzi, recently collaborated with Elvis super-collector, Paul Lichter. For most fans it's a mouth watering delight......Elvis and Ann-Margret together in one of the King's most successful celluloid offerings, Viva Las Vegas. The sight of two of Hollywood's most attractive stars in the one film could not miss - and its success was amplified by the sizzling on and off screen chemistry between the two leads. 
VIVA LAS VEGAS Swingin' - Singin' - Lovin' is the result and in keeping with recent hardcover releases from JAT Productions it is a glorious book.

The result is a stunning tribute to one of Elvis's greatest films, Viva Las Vegas. From glorious full page, full color photos to very rare images of Elvis with fans



THE KING AND DR. NICK WHAT REALLY HAPPENED TO ELVIS AND ME BOOK  Dr. Nick's long awaited memoir was recently released. After three decades of being often maligned by the media and an unforgiving public Elvis' personal physician finally has his say.

In conjunction with INTERVIEWING DR NICK , EIN's Nigel Patterson spent time exploring Dr. Nick's side of the story.

What EIN found:

  • sheds great light on Elvis' medical conditions;
  • provides facts around several contentious issues;
  • is a memoir written with honest caring and compassion; and
  • a memoir which will challenge the views held by many fans!

In order to establish the truth, Dr. Nick deserves to be heard and his memoir is a fitting way for him to clearly state his case. 



BABY. LET'S PLAY HOUSE ELVIS PRESLEY AND THE WOMAN THAT LOVED HIM BOOK The latest Alanna Nash book will be released in the US on 5 January 2010.

EIN recently had the pleasure of delving deep inside the 700+ pages of this release to discover a rich and compelling account of a side of Elvis, which until now has been rarely, if at all, documented in detail.

What we found was illuminating, at times emotional, and occasionally confronting. Never dull and always adding to our understanding of the man, Alanna Nash has written a stunning new book!

As its title implies, Baby, Let's Play House presents the long overdue female perspective on Elvis and answers a number of important questions including how differently Elvis communicated with men and women and the inner anguish which eventually led to his tragic demise.

Read why Baby, Let's Play House will be one of the two best Elvis book releases of 2010. (ELVIS FOREVERYONE)


ELVIS PRESLEY A BIOGRAPHY  There are many well researched books on the market about Elvis.........Kathleen Tracy's biography, released by a noted publisher (Greenwood Press) is NOT one of them. (Sep 2009)



ELVIS THE BIOGRAPHY BY JERRY HOPKINS -AN ALTERNATE BOOK  Controversy reigns at EIN! The first serious Elvis biography was published in 1971. Reaching the top of numerous best seller lists around the world, Jerry Hopkins biography of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll was irresistible reading for millions of Elvis’ fans and those simply wanting to understand more about the 20th century‘s pre-eminent cultural icon. The 2007 edition of 'Elvis The Biography' combined revised editions of the earlier two volume biography. 
Back in 2007 EIN's Nigel Patterson reviewed the book positively stating that, "Finally, a definitive one volume biography about Elvis - a mandatory inclusion in all fan's Elvis libraries." 
EIN's Piers Beagley now examines the book, finding it full of major errors and, as an 'updated book', a real failure! He states that, Jerry Hopkins has "put his career on 'automatic pilot' and stopped growing. He weakened his standards. He wasted his talent"!



ELVIS 2000 BOOK  Jay Gould is apparently a well known US psychic. 

In his minimalist book, Elvis 2000, Gould provides an at times interesting (if unbelievable) account of his psychic consultations with Elvis…….both spirit communications from beyond the grave and personal consultations during the last year of Elvis’ life!



TEENAGER'S HERO  Steve Rino's mammoth book from Italy has met with a mix of praise and criticism.

What is the real story about this release? Is the criticism justified?

Amber Smith (with Nigel Patterson) has explored the more than 400 pages and even more images in Teenagers' Hero, and brings you her detailed review of the release and a few choice words for those who have been critical! (ELVIS FOREVERYONE 


THE ELVIS ENCYCLOPEDIA BOOK  Is Adam Victor's long awaited Elvis book one of the stand-out releases of the year or a half-baked turkey?

EIN recently spent a leisurely afternoon with Elvis music playing softly in the background and a nice red at the ready. (ELVIS FOREVERYONE 



ELVIS, Dave Marsh (Times Book/Straight Arrow Publishers Inc., USA, 1982, Hardback, 245 pages, Illustrated, ISBN: 08129094X. (Re-issued numerous times, principally in softcover format, since 1982)

On its release, either aggressively lauded as a masterful tour de force or a pretentious, overblown biography on Elvis. Marsh’s intellectual prose is certainly not to everyone’s liking but his ‘Elvis’ has stood the test of time exceptionally well.

Littered with great shots of Elvis in concert - several of the 1950’s visuals are dramatically symbolic of the enormity of Elvismania at its peak.

Marsh weaves an almost surrealist tale of a simple country boy thrust into an initially magical world of women and riches far beyond his wildest dreams.


There are so many moments of rare insight and illumination in Marsh’s book that it is difficult to determine which, if any, are more important than others. The following text reflects both the power of the rags to riches success Elvis experienced and the countervailing forces opposing the liberation of a free, independent spirit in the land that pretentiously prides itself on the rights of the individual to free expression:

Superficially, Elvis’ goals had been realized. He was a star of stage, screen, radio, television and recordings, easily the biggest name in American entertainment, an international figure so persuasively attractive that in other lands, young people had begun to dream of the U.S. as the land where anyone might grow up to become not president but Presley, ruler of his own destiny. But Elvis’ act of self-invention was unwelcome at home. In addition to the media and social forces allied against the outbreak of hillbilly barbarism, there stood the United States government’s Selective Service System (conscription).

The author is both critic and sympathizer about the King of Rock and Roll and one suspects stands as most of us do, in awe of the incredible primal talent and impact that one man possessed and unleashed upon the world. Includes a solid bibliography. Some of Marsh’s analysis has been questioned in recent times (see in particular: Elvis After Elvis by Gilbert B. Rodman). Recommended. (ELVIS FOREVERYONE


THE MAN WHO MADE ELVIS LAUGH  Sammy Shore's second memoir is filled with wonderful stories about his time with Elvis and the countless other celebrities who he either opened for, or were his good friends.

From Red Skelton, Bob Hope and Glen Campbell to Barbra Steisand, Sid Caesar and Ann-Margret, Sammy's memoir lives up to its by line of "A Life in American Comedy".

There are many delicious one liners and more involved jokes to keep the reader smiling as you engage in Sammy's trip down memory lane to a sadly by-gone era - the Golden Era of Comedy. (ELVIS FOREVERYONE)


ELVIS FRAME BY FRAME BOOK  The latest book about Elvis' film career offers readers something different. Focusing on 9 of Elvis' narrative films, Bill Bram takes us behind the scenes in a revealing and insightful account of Elvis and the making of his films.

Not only are we treated to first hand accounts by hundreds of Elvis' co-stars and production personnel, but the author has accessed actual archival film material. (ELVIS FOREVERYONE)


PRESLEY-MOVIE ICONS BOOK Another Elvis photobook has been released.

Is it simply more of the same or does it offer value to the viewer?

EIN recently took a look inside to find out. (ELVIS FOREVERYONE)


ELVIS SECRET LEGACY  Elvis' Secret Legacy is a gripping fictional book full of action, adventure, excitement, humour, kidnapping, unseasonable weather effects and the paranormal. Step into a world of meditation, spirit guides, white light and auras...

Adding to the intrigue around this book is the author's real claim claim to having been Elvis' date at the Humes High Prom in 1952 and the book includes a photograph of the pair in support. But is all as it sems?    (ELVIS FOREVERYONE


GROWING UP WITH THE MEMPHIS FLASH  EIN reviewer, Susan MacDougall, recently delved deep inside Kay Wheeler's memoir of the heady rock 'n' roll 50's and her time with Elvis. Reflecting on Ms Wheeler's book in the context of a similar release by June Juanico, Susan offers insight into Kay's observations on important issues including how Hollywood changed Elvis and Colonel Tom Parker. Susan then gives her appraisal of whether or not Growing Up With the Memphis Flash warrants a place in our Elvis libraries.

....Kay Wheeler’s book contains matters in common with June Juanico’s. Each different perception of Elvis is part of a mammoth jigsaw puzzle. Whether we’ll ever see the whole picture is another matter..... (ELVIS FOREVERYONE)


The other Elvis lives!: Back in 1998, actor Steve Carlson, a veteran of series such as The Virginianand General Hospital as well as over 500 TV commercials, published the how-to tome Hitting Your Mark: Making a Life and Living as a Film Actor. But his latest work, the fictional novel Almost Graceland, is set to cause a whole lot of shaking with Elvis fans rather than Elvis impersonators.

It supposes that Presley’s identical twin brother did not die at birth, but rather lived to lead a separate life and eventually reunite with his world famous singing brother. The novel is set in 1977, with 42-year-old trailer park protagonist Ray Johnston deciding to sell his story to the tabloids. For Carlson, who could very easily rest in contented retirement in Oregon, it’s but the first of several efforts. Another novel, the romance crime intrigue Tracks, is set for release in 2008, while he is currently at work on a third book.

Chances are the fiction game will be far less lucrative for Carlson than the world of TV commercials. He tells the Wyoming Eagle-Tribune that writing the score and starring in the “Aren’t You Glad You Used Dial [Soap]?” commercial took care of ten years’ worth of house payments.

On the other hand, writing fiction is probably a piece of cake for Carlson compared to his days on soaps such as GH and The Bold and the Beautiful. “It's the hardest work there is,” insists the 64-year-old, who was born in Missouri but grew up in Wyoming. “One day, you could have 30 to 40 pages of dialogue, and the next day could be another 40 pages. You get good at memorization."(ELVIS FOREVERYONE


ELVIS PRESLEY THE FAMILY ALBUM BY GEORGE KLEIN BOOK  EIN's Nigel Patterson recently delved inside George Klein's latest book offering. Anchored by great design, interesting text and impressive visuals, what Nigel found will please most fans! (ELVIS FOREVERYONE



ELVIS A KING IN THE MAKING BOOK  The Alfred Wertheimer photo archives is arguably the most famous Elvis visual collection in the world. And while the master photographer was only with Elvis for a relatively short time, the visuals he captured offer a timeless exposition of the young King of Rock 'n' Roll Elvis at his peak.

And finally, Wertheimer's magnificent photographs have been released in a way which does them proper justice.

Elvis: A King In The Making was recently released in Australia and New Zealand. What EIN found was the best photo-journal release of 2007 and one of the strongest Elvis book releases in many years! ELVIS FOREVERYONE


FAUX ELVIS BOOK  The world of Elvis fiction is a particularly rewarding one in which the recent release Faux Elvis is an intelligently constructed and valuable addition. Its themes and believable characters have a broad appeal - from the casual fan to conspiracy theorists who want to debate the events of August 16, 1977.

Faux Elvis is also unusual in that it is a work of historical fiction, where fact and fiction are blended together. The result is a most satisfying one.

Delightfully written, Faux Elvis is an entertaining and absorbing read. ( ELVIS FOREVERYONE



THE GOSPEL SIDE OF ELVIS BOOK  EIN's Nigel Patterson recently explored this new book (due for release in the US on 13 August).

What Nigel found was a very entertaining, insightful and somewhat different look at Elvis, and the role gospel music played in both his life and musical development.(ELVIS FOREVERYONE


ELVIS IN THE TWILIGHT OF MEMORY  June Juanico holds the distinction of having been one of Elvis' girlfriends in the mid 1950s as he became famous.

Susan MacDougall offers her views on Ms Juanico's impressive memoir. With subjects as diverse as food, sex and how Colonel Parker tried to sabotage their relationship, Elvis: in the twilight of memory is a thoughtful, well-written book giving us a window onto events in a pivotal year of Elvis's life when he was on the brink of fame and fortune. (ELVIS FOREVERYONE


ELVIS LINDA AND ME BOOK  While millions of Elvis fans fantasized what it would be like to know "The King", Jeanne LeMay Dumas lived that dream. As Miss Rhode Island, Dumas met Miss Tennessee - Linda Thompson - at the end of the 1972 Miss USA Pageant. The two formed an instant and lasting friendship...one which saw Jeanne become a regular part of Elvis' inner sanctum as she experienced an unforgettable four and a half year odyssey!

Step inside Ms Dumas's book as Mandy Squair discovers a visual and narrative treat which will delight many fans. (ELVIS FOREVERYONE


ELVIS AND KATHY BOOK  One of the most sought after Elvis books ever written is Kathy Westmoreland's "Elvis and Kathy". With copies selling on eBay for up to US$500.00, and book dealers listing it at prices as high as $999.00, this is one book many fans want.

Susan MacDougall recently delved inside the Westmoreland memoir. She discovered that Kathy loved Elvis deeply and went through emotional traumas adjusting to being only one of the many women in his life. She was determined not to be just another victim and came out the stronger for it.



ELVIS AT 21 NEW YORK TO MEMPHIS BOOK  Finally, a book which does proper justice to the exquisite photographic images of the young King of Rock 'n' Roll captured by Alfred Wertheimer in 1956.

Quite simply this release is an outstanding example of how to present a photo-journal!

ELVIS AT 21 NEW YORK TO MEMPHIS  was the stand-out book of its type in 2006 and one of the best Elvis book releases in many years!

Join EIN's Nigel Patterson as he explores the absolutely stunning visual feasts this book has to offer. ( ELVIS FOREVERYONE 


E.P.IN CONCERT BOOK  EIN was fortunate to recently obtain a copy of this legendary book by Paul Lichter. Does it live up to its hype as one of the best, if not the best, book about Elvis' concert years from 1969 to 1977?  (ELVIS FOREVERYONE 


THE LOVE ME TENDER YEARS DIARY BOOK  How important is Trude Forsher's diary memoir in the Elvis Presley story?

EIN delves inside a book which differentiates itself from the pack, offering a first-hand account of Elvis and the Colonel at the height of "Elvismania" ... a book which is supported by historic documents straight from the offices of Elvis Presley Enterprises.



THE ELVIS INTERVIEWS BOOK  What do a mysterious southern sheriff, a car thief disguised as an Elvis impersonator, the Japanese Yakuza, the mafia, a locked metal briefcase, a couple of beefy goons, and a washed-up investigative journalist on the brink of a major breakthrough...all have in common?......A Pink Cadillac...THE Pink Cadillac Elvis bought for his mother in the 1950s. So forms the underlying premise for the latest intriguing Elvis novel.

EIN's Nigel Patterson recently submerged himself in Glen Bonham's fast paced adventure story which interlaces its Elvis theme with an assortment of interesting characters and a plot line which twists and turns from page to page.  (ELVIS FOREVERYONE 


ELVIS WAS THE KING OF ROCK AND ROLL  William O"Brien gives his take on the richly textured new Elvis biography by Charles Ponce de Leon. From Vernon's incarceration and the role of Colonel Tom Parker to Elvis' decline into a world of paranoia and drug addiction... (ELVIS FOREVERYONE


FORTUNATE SON BOOK Charles Ponce de Leon's biography on Elvis could well be the Elvis book release of 2006. Susan MacDougall offers an insightful review of what is a considered and thought provoking release which, unlike many other biographies, places its subject within the social, economic and historic parameters of his time and examines the triggers for his behaviour and actions. In so doing, the reviewer explains why de Leon's book has merit beyond the generally accepted definitive two volume Elvis biography by Peter Guralnick. (ELVIS FOREVERYONE


THE BLUE MOON BOYS THE STORY OF ELVIS PRESLEY'S BAND  EIN's Nigel Patterson delves inside this release and discovers a side to the Elvis story which is often overlooked. It is an important story rich in detail and one which adds to our understanding of both Elvis and the development of rock 'n' roll.(ELVIS FOREVERYONE 


ELVIS AMERICAN IDOL Elvis was undoubtedly the original American Idol. But does this latest book offering from Susan Doll differentiate itself from the rest of the Elvis book pack and is it worth its asking price? EIN delves inside this "book brick" release and delivers you the answer. (ELVIS FOREVERYONE