elvis presley's it happened at the world's fair It Happened at the World's Fair is the seventeenth album by Elvis Presley, released on RCA Victor Records in mono and stereo, LPM/LSP 2697, in April 1963. Recording sessions took place at Radio Recorders in Hollywood on August 30 and September 22, 1962. It peaked at #4 on the Billboard Top Pop Albums chart. ALL GREAT PHOTOS ENJOY THEM FROM ELVIS FOREVERYONE 

 Jailhouse Rock is an American musical film directed by Richard Thorpe for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM). The film stars Elvis Presley, Judy Tyler, andMickey Shaughnessy. It was Presley's third film and his first for MGM.

The film tells the story of Vince Everett (Elvis Presley), an ex-convict who discovers his musical talent during his time in jail. His cellmate, Hunk Houghton (Mickey Shaughnessy), teaches him to play guitar and sing. Shortly after being released from prison, while in a night club, Vince meets Peggy van Alden (Judy Tyler), a music scout who asks him to record a demo. Peggy and Vince take the demo arrangements of a song to a label that ultimately publishes it under one of their established artists. To avoid studios, Peggy and Vince open their own label to release future recordings, finally achieving success. Soon the fame and fortune change Vince, whose personality becomes self-centered and disloyal towards his associate, Peggy, and to his former cellmate, Hunk.

The movie was premiered on October 17, 1957 in Memphis and was released nationwide on November 8, 1957. It peaked at number 3 on Variety box office chart, and reached number 14 in the year's box office totals grossing $4 million. By 1969, the movie grossed between the United States and Canada, a similar amount to The Wizard of Oz. The movie earned originally mixed reviews, with most of the negative ones directed to Presley's persona. In 2004, the film was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry. After receiving his paycheck, Vince Everett (Elvis Presley), a construction worker, goes to a bar where he starts a brawl with another man, accidentally killing him. He is given a sentence of one to ten years for manslaughter and sent to the state prison. Vince meets his cellmate Hunk Houghton (Mickey Shaughnessy), a former country & western singer, who after hearing Vince sing and play some basic guitar tunes, helps him improve his voice, and teaches him more chords on the guitar. Soon, Hunk convinces Vince to participate in an upcoming inmate show organized by the committee of the state, which will be broadcasted on television. Vince gets several letters in response to his performance, but Hunk (who works in the mail room) bribes men to not deliver the mail to Vince. Aware of Vince's talent and upcoming release from prison, Hunk offers him a partnership deal and convinces a reluctant Vince to sign a contract to split half of the profits of their act.

Vince talks to Hunk in their cell

After he is released, Vince receives the letters and realizes that his mail had been blocked. Hunk gets Vince a job at a night club, but instead of performing on stage as Vince had assumed, the owner of the club offers hims a job as a barboy. Determined to prove to the reluctant club owner that he can sing well, he moves to the stage and starts to perform a number. Frustrated by a laughing customer, leaves the club in a fit of rage. He is followed by a woman who introduces herself as Peggy van Alden, a music scout. Peggy takes Vince to record a demo so that he can perfect his singing by listening to his own recordings. Peggy and Vince later take the final version of a demo, "Don't Leave Me Now", to a label to publish the record. The manager assures them that he will play the tape over the phone to the president of the label in New York. To celebrate the recent recording, Peggy invites Vince to a party at her parents' house where Vince eventually steals a kiss. The next morning Vince apologizes for his behavior, and both enter a record shop looking for Vince's single. The seller tells him that "Don't Leave Me Now" is a success. However, the song is credited to Mickey Alba. Realizing that the record company used his arrangements for one of their established artists, he confronts the manager, slaps him, and leaves.

To prevent his material from being stolen again, Vince suggests that he and Peggy their own record company. They use the studios where they recorded the demo and hire a lawyer, Mr. Shores (Vaughn Taylor). Vince tries unsuccessfully to convince him of his upcoming success, and nevertheless asks him to be his manager. Vince records the single "Treat Me Nice" for their new label Laurel Records. It is played on the radio and ignites his career; he ultimately reaches a managerial agreement with Mr. Shores. Vince visits Peggy later that evening, and after kissing her, he asks her out for a dinner. Peggy refuses, because she has accepted a dinner with the DJ of the radio that played Vince's single.

The recent hit affords Vince the chance to appear again on television. During at a party, he introduces Peggy to Laury Jackson (Anne Neyland), a singer that Vince signed on to the label in order to make Peggy jealous. As she leaves, Hunk arrives and asks Vince for a number in the upcoming show. Initially reluctant, Vince agrees. During the show, Vince sings "Jailhouse Rock" in a reconstruction of a cell block as he dances with other inmates. Hunk follows Vince, but he is infuriated after his number is cancelled in the middle of the recording. When Hunk confronts Vince, Vince tells him that he will not let him to hold back success of his career, and that Hunk's musical career is over. Hunk mentions his contract; but Vince points out that, according to his lawyer, the contract is invalid valid. Vince offers Hunk ten percent, which he ultimately accepts.

Vince hugs Peggy as he sings "Young and Beautiful"

Vince signs a movie deal with Climax Studios. When he arrives, the president asks him to spend the day studio star Sherry Wilson (Jennifer Holden) as a publicity move. The actress reluctantly agrees. During shooting, in a scene where Vince and Sherry kiss, Vince continues to kiss her even after the director marked the end of the scene. During a party at his new house, Vince talks to Hunk, who has grown tired of Vince and his new self-centered personality. Sherry approaches him, but he walks directly to Peggy as she arrives and hugs her, but she upsets him when she says she came to talk about his upcoming record. Mr Shores later approaches him with an offer from Geneva Records to purchase Laurel Records.

Vince talks to Peggy about the deal, who refuses to sell the company. Vince announces that he is going to proceed with the sale since he owns a 60% share. Peggy tries to convince him to not do it because she considers it part of her life. Upset by his disloyalty towards Peggy, Hunk provokes Vince, who refuses to fight. Hunk finally hits Vince in the throat, damaging his vocal cords. Vince is rushed to a hospital, where he is visited by Hunk and Peggy. He forgives Hunk, and during his recovery he realizes his love for Peggy and finally understands the destructive effects of fame. His doctor later visits him at his home and announces that his vocal cords are fully recovered. The movie ends as Vince sings "Young and Beautiful