Elvis Presley,Pictures Of Elvis III,Europe,Deleted,LP PICTURE DISC,372943

 Elvis Presley,The Voice Of Elvis,Unknown,Deleted,LP PICTURE DISC,377195 Elvis Presley,The Voice Of Elvis,Unknown,Deleted,LP PICTURE DISC,377195

  Elvis Presley,King Of Rock 'N' Roll,UK,Deleted,12

 Elvis Presley,Elvis Presley...Plus,Italy,Deleted,LP PICTURE DISC,377621

 Elvis Presley,Personally Elvis - Historical Documentary Volume 1,Germany,Deleted,LP PICTURE DISC,377718

 Elvis Presley,Elvis,Italy,LP PICTURE DISC,384565

 Elvis Presley,Elvis Christmas Album,Italy,LP PICTURE DISC,439919

 Elvis Presley,Personally Elvis - Vol. 2,Germany,Deleted,LP PICTURE DISC,474817

 Elvis Presley,Interview Disc,UK,Deleted,LP PICTURE DISC,371448

 Elvis Presley,Steadfast, Loyal & True,UK,Deleted,LP PICTURE DISC,511054

 Elvis Presley,I Was The One - 2nd issue,UK,Deleted,LP PICTURE DISC,502500

 Elvis Presley,Jailhouse Rock/Love In Las Vegas,UK,Deleted,LP PICTURE DISC,563834

 Elvis Presley,Medley,UK,Deleted,7

 Elvis Presley,Any Way You Want Me,UK,Deleted,LP PICTURE DISC,426445

 Elvis Presley,The Million Dollar Quartet 50th Anniversary Special Edition,UK,LP PICTURE DISC,429541

 Elvis Presley,My Baby Left Me,Germany,Deleted,7

 Elvis Presley,Wear My Ring,UK,Deleted,SHAPED PICTURE DISC,36774