Elvis and Ginger in Harrison, Arkansas at the funeral of Ginger's grandfather on January 3, 1977


 Boarding the Lisa Marie to leave Johnson City on his way to Charlotte on February 19, 1977 during the first tour of the year


 e Esposito, Sam Thompson and David Stanley with Elvis as he hits the stage in Charlotte, NC on February 20, 1977


 On his way to perform in Charlotte, NC on February 21, 1977








 Relaxing with Joe Esposito's girlfriend in Hawaii March 1977


 Horsing around with Terry and Ginger Alden in Hawaii on Elvis' last vacation in March 1977


 Leaving the stage after his show in Detroit on April 22, 1977


 With Jackie Kahane sometime during the April/May 1977 tour on either April 24th, April 29th or May 1st