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Elvis in That's The Way It Is
"Elvis - That's The Way It Is"
1970, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Partial Cast List: Elvis Presley, James Burton, Glen D. Hardin, Charlie Hodge, Jerry Scheff, Ronnie Tutt, John Wilkinson, Millie Kirkham, Estelle Brown, Sylvia Shemwell, Myrna Smith, Roger Wiles, Jim Murray, Joe Moscheo, Terry Blackwood, Joe Guercio, Joe Esposito


 The song "Love Me Tender" planted excitement inside girls hoping they'd be among those whom Elvis lip-kissed during his performance of it.

 Elvis plays a little air guitar.

 Elvis points to his hypothetical adoring crowd during one of his on-stage rehearsals.

 Elvis reads some cards from "well-wishers" in one of the more down-to-earth passages that's extended in the Special Edition.


 Elvis Presley's last two films were concert documentaries -- 1970's "Elvis: ThatÂ’s The Way It Is" (re-edited in 2001) and 1972's "Elvis on Tour."<br>
Both films show Presley at his full artistic maturity, highlighting the expansive, encompassing idea of American music that is inarguably his most valuable and lasting legacy. From there it was a slow-motion decline into the bloated "Elvis Has Left the Building" touring years.


 That's The Way It Is - Quadradisc from Japancover backsideinside the cover - track list on the left and japanese liner notes on the rightinside the cover - lyrics on the left and Quadradisc directions on the rightlabel