Trying To Get To You

 TRYING TO GET TO YOU - (SA 2008-10-02) 

Straight Arrow has now released this updated version of the Rochester show from May 25 1977. 

 Hillcrest Blues

 HILLCREST BLUES - (Madison CWP 024) 

Continuing on the "Elvis On Tour" material, Madison this time focus on the March 30 1972 rehearsal. A rehearsal set up as a mock studio session, for the sole purpose of letting MGM movie cameras film Elvis in studio action. 

Many of the songs from this session have been released officially, like 'Always On My Mind', 'Johnny B. Goode', two takes of 'Separate Ways' and one take of 'For The Good Times'. The session was professionally recorded, and Elvis was mainly very focused. Several other bootleg CD's have covered this material, but only in so-so sound quality. 

Madison presents this in much better sound quality. Not all of the session is available on this CD. Still very welcomed! 

 Countdown To Christmas


Straight Arrow has released a double CD featuring the December 9 concert from Las Vegas 1975. 

Sourced from an acceptable audience recording, this release contains the complete show. 

It comes in the classic, stylish Straight Arrow delivery. 

 Sunset Rundown

 SUNSET RUNDOWN - (Madison CWP025) 

Out now is the 4th volume in the Elvis On Tour series from Madison. This CD contains the first half of the March 31 1972 rehearsal held in Studio A, Hollywood. 

Madison seems to be in a no-loose situation at the moment. Looking at the content of this CD reveals that almost all tracks have been officially released by BMG - FTD. Still fans already praise this CD highly. I bet Ernst Jorgensen would like to be in the same situation with regards to fan reactions on CDs from Follow That Dream (FTD). 

The artwork is fine and even though there is little new material here, it is nice to have the uncut rehearsal. The sound quality is very good! 

 April Fool Dinner

 APRIL FOOL DINNER - (Audionics/Southern Comfort) 

 Rock My Soul

 ROCK MY SOUL - (Madison CWP026) 

This is the 5th volume in the Elvis On Tour series from Madison. A follow up to "Sunset Rundown", featuring the second half of the March 31 1972 rehearsal held in Studio A, Hollywood. 

Not only the latest, but also the last bootleg release from Madison. 

Most tracks have been officially released by BMG - FTD. The gospel jam is presented as it was recorded then, with piano on one channel and vocals on the other. 

 The Last Vegas Opening Night


Straight Arrow continues their releases of more or less interesting concert using high quality audience recordings tapes as source. 

This marks the the last time Elvis sung 'Just Can't Help Believing'. The opening show is quite good, a week later it would be close to disaster. Then again, another few days it would be better again. 

Taken from a different source than we have had before. 

 A Change Of Mind

 A CHANGE OF MIND - (SA 2009-13-02) 

Released on the effective Straight Arrow label is another Las Vegas audience recording.

This time the dinner show from September 3 1973 is in focus. Recorded by the same person that taped the opening show from 1976 

 Let Me Be The One

 LET ME BE THE ONE - (Audionics 2009-04-2) 

Audionics has now released "Let Me Be The One – Behind Closed Doors". The CD contains home demos recorded in April 1974, November 1973 and 1960. Featuring a previosuly unreleased duet rendition with the group Voice of the song 'Let Me Be The One' from April 1974. This rarity is followed with the complete November 1973 home demos recorded at Sam Thompson's house. 

Some of the tracks from 1960 where Elvis sings with Nancy Sharpe and Red West are featured in stereo (two microphones was used). The CD comes with a 32-page booklet

 The Final Homecoming


 A Day In Dayton


 Here Come The Stars

 HERE COME THE STARS - (SA 2009-14-02) 

Straigh Arrow has once again released an audience recording - again from Las Vegas 1976 - this time the dinner show on December 4. Originally released back in 1996 on

 Springtime Tours '76-'77

 SPRINGTIME TOURS '76 - '77 - (Audionics 2010-01-02) 

Audionics has released a double CD focusing on binaural soundboards tapes from March 1976 and the official 8-track recordings made by Felton Jarvis in March, April and early May of 1977. 

The Johnson City show from March 17 1976 has been mixed down to create a stereo image, while the Charlotte show from March 20 comes in true binaural. 

 At Full Force

 AT FULL FORCE - (Audionics 2010-02-02) 

Audionics has re-issued Fort Baxters A Hot Winter Night In Dallas, featuring the Dallas show from December 28 1976. 

Using the original DAT copy of the soundboard, the sound quality still leaves something to be desired. Most fans find the original version better sounding, including myself. 

The CD comes with a 16-page booklet. 

 Karate Fever

 KARATE FEVER - (SA 2010-15-02) 

Yet another concert CD stemming from an audience recorded tape. Straight Arrow has earlier been quite succesful in this! 

Karate Fever features the Las Vegas dinner show from August 31, 1974. On paper perhaps not so interesting, as we have had several soundboards from this season already. 

The sound quality is very good for an off-line audio source of this kind. 

 Faded Love

 FADED LOVE - (SA SP 2010-01-02) 

Straight Arrow has released a two mike audience recording. The show in focus is the "infamous" dinner show from Feb. 15 1973. This is were Elvis needs to leave the stage due to cold/throat problems. However, he returns after a while and continues. The source is a two mike recording made by an audience member. The result is very good. 

The CD comes in a digi-pack and is the first volume of two in this "special product series" from Straight Arrow. 

 You Don't Have To Say You Love Me


Straight Arrow is out with another "two mike audience recording". The show in focus this time is dinner show from Feb. 14 1973. It has been recorded with the same equipment as volume 1 on this series was (Faded Love). 

The CD comes in a digi-pack simialar to the first volume, Faded Love. 

 The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face


Sort of a rush release, this new Straight Arrow CD suddenly appeared. 

I contains an audience recording of the August 30, 1973 Dinner show in Las Vegas. Sound quality is quite good. 

The CD comes with a 16-page booklet, including photos from August and September 1973. 

 In The Heart Of Georgia


 The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face


Another 2 CD release from Audionics. And another December 1976 show! 

A good audience recording, previously released [20 years ago!] on "Tornado From Vegas", but now the concert is complete and in better sound quality. 

Among the show highlights are good versions of 'That's All Right', 'Softly As I Leave You', 'Hurt' and 'How Great Thou Art'. 

The CD package is completed with a 16-page booklet, including a collection of photos from the actual show. 

 Funny How Time Slips Away


Straight Arrow has released an audience recording of the show from Providence, May 23 1977. The CD title song was performed for the very last time, and is performed in the first half of the show this night. 

The audio quality is quite good. Straight Arrow has used two copies of different original tapes, obtained from the persons who were there. The better tape was chosen, and the other one was used to fill a few missing seconds. 

A 16-page booklet, including a collection of rare photos from the Providence show is included Liner notes from someone who attended the show.

 Leaving Jackson On Fire


Venus Productions has released their third book/CD set with a hardcover book. It features the soundboard recording from the evening show in Jackson on June 9, 1975. 

 On A Jet To The Promised Land


Venus Productions has released a CD containing outtakes from Stax Studios, December 1973. 

It was here, without any pre-promotion! The CD contains only a handfull of tracks, with a running time just over 30 minutes. Even so, there are some unreleased material on it. Very good sound quality! 

Released in a card sleeve. 

 Elvis In Macon

 Elvis in 1977

Elvis In Charlotte, Feb 21 1977