Directed by Gordon Douglas 
Produced by David Weisbart 
Screenplay by Charles Lederer 
Based on Pioneer, Go Home! by Richard P. Powell 
Music by Hans J. Salter 
Cinematography Leo Tover 
Editing by William B. Murphy 
Studio Mirisch Company 
Distributed by United Artists 
Release date April 11, 1962
Running time 110 minutes 
Country United States 
Language English 


A vagabond family composed of Pop Kwimper, his son Toby, and various "adopted" children, including nineteen-year-old Holly Jones, is traveling in Florida when Pop drives onto an as-yet-unopened section of highway. When the car runs out of gas, Holly persuades Toby to persuade Pop to take up residence on the land next to the road. A chance encounter with an avid fisherman gives Holly an idea. They build a thriving business catering to sports fishermen.

Trouble soon follows. Toby rejects the advances of amorous social worker Alisha Claypoole, who goes to court to have the children taken away in revenge. Also, her government official boyfriend considers the squatters' home to be an eyesore and wants to evict them. Finally, since the area is outside the jurisdiction of any law enforcement, two gamblers soon set up a casino in a trailer, and Toby has to deal with their armed thugs.

In the end, Toby's earthy wits win over the judge and the family returns to its new land and home. Holly also gets Toby to recognize that she is a grown woman.


Elvis Presley as Toby
Anne Helm as Holly
Arthur O'Connell as Pop
Joanna Moore as Alisha
Jack Kruschen as Carmine
Simon Oakland as Nick
Roland Winters as Judge
Alan Hewitt as H. Arthur King
Howard McNear as George
Frank DeKova as Jack
Herbert Rudley as Endicott


What a Wonderful Life
by Sid Wayne & Jerry Livingston
Performed by Elvis Presley 

I'm Not the Marrying Kind
by Sherman Edwards & Mack David
Performed by Elvis Presley 

Sound Advice
by Bill Giant & Anna Shaw
Performed by Elvis Presley 

Follow That Dream
by Ben Weisman & Fred Wise
Performed by Elvis Presley 

by Sid Tepper & Roy C. Bennett
Performed by Elvis Presley

Follow That Dream is a 1962 American musical film starring Elvis Presley made by Mirisch Productions. The movie was based on the 1959 novel Pioneer, Go Home! by Richard P. Powell. Producer Walter Mirisch liked the song Follow that Dream and retitled the picture.[1] The movie reached #5 on the Variety weekly Box Office Survey, staying on the chart for three weeks, and finishing at #33 on the year end list of the top-grossing movies of 1962.