Directed by Norman Taurog 
Produced by Douglas Laurence 
Screenplay by Michael A. Hoey 
Based on Kiss My Firm But Pliant Lips 
by Dan Greenburg 
usic by Billy Strange 
Cinematography Fred J. Koenekamp 
Editing by John McSweeney, Jr. 
Studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer 
Distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer 
Release date October 23, 1968
Running time 90 minutes 
Country United States 
Language English


Greg Nolan is a newspaper photographer who lives a carefree life—that is, until he encounters an estranged, lovelorn woman named Bernice on the beach. Bernice assumes different names and personalities whenever the mood hits her. (She introduces herself to Greg as "Alice" but she's known to the delivery boy as "Susie" and to the milkman as "Betty.")

After having her Great Dane dog, Albert (which was reportedly Presley's real-life dog Brutus, although Priscilla Presley has stated that it was a trained dog used for the film), chase Greg into the water when he insults her after a kiss, Bernice invites him to stay at her beachfront home. She later manages to make him lose his job and apartment after drugging him, which leaves him in a deep sleep for days.

However, Bernice also manages to find Greg another home. He wants to repay her so he gets two full-time photographer jobs: one for a Playboy-like magazine owned by Mike Lansdown, the other for a very conservative advertising firm co-owned (with other partners) by Mr. Penlow. The two jobs are in the same building, forcing Greg to run from one to the other without being detected. He also must deal with Bernice and her eccentric ways.



Elvis Presley as Greg Nolan
Michele Carey as Bernice
Don Porter as Mike Lansdown
Rudy Vallee as Mr. Penlow
Dick Sargent as Harry
Sterling Holloway as The Milkman
Celeste Yarnall as Ellen
Eddie Hodges as The Delivery Boy
Joan Shawlee as Robbie's Mother
Mary Grover as Miss Selfridge


Wonderful World
Written by Guy Fletcher & Doug Flett
Performed by Elvis Presley

Edge of Reality
Written by Bill Giant, Bernie Baum & Florence Kaye
Performed by Elvis Presley

A Little Less Conversation
Written by Mac Davis & Billy Strange
Performed by Elvis Presley
Choreographed by Jack Baker

Almost in Love
Written by Luiz Bonfá & Randy Starr
Performed by Elvis Presley

Live a Little, Love a Little is a 1968 American musical comedy film. This was to be Norman Taurog's final film. Shortly thereafter, he went blind. The film introduced the song "A Little Less Conversation"; an alternative take of which would form the basis of a remix that returned Presley to international music sales charts in 2002.