Elvis -"The Last Tours " Contains material of Elvis' last tour performances April thru June in Kansas City and Chicago. Kansas City, June 18, 1977, Chicago, May 1st & 2nd, 1977

(Running Time: 60 minutes)

 This DVD Features The Complete CBS TV Special As Originally Aired On TV In 1977. It Also Includes The Complete Rapid City Concert & The Complete Omaha Concert With A Full Interactive Menu.

(Total Running Time: 185 minutes)

 Elvis "New Year's Eve Concert" Pittsburgh, PA December 31st, 1976. Never before seen footage! Filmed with different cameras and from different angles. Great close-ups of Elvis.

(Running Time: 60 minutes)

 Elvis in 7 astounding shows recording in Las Vegas August 1972 during his 7th season at the Las Vegas Hilton, August 4th – September 4th . Great never before seen footage & Great close-ups!

(Running Time: 45 minutes)

 "Live In Omaha", NE 1974

Elvis "Live in Omaha, NE" July 1st, 1974. Never before seen footage! The Complete, Uncut, Concert. The first 6 minutes are in black & white, the rest in color. Great close-ups of Elvis. Original Sound! Not Dubbed!

(Running time: 46 minutes

 “Macon Magic” 1976

Elvis Live in Macon, GA, August 31st, 1976. Original Sound. Not Dubbed.

(Running time: 32 minutes)

 “Awesome In Abilene” 1977

Elvis – Live in Abilene, TX. March 3rd, 1977. Original Sound. Not Dubbed.

(Running time: 41 minutes)

 “Encore Performance” Las Vegas, 1975!

These concerts contain material from the Las Vegas Shows held on August 18th, (Opening Show) & August 19th, (Dinner Show) 1975 as part of the Las Vegas Summer Festival, and more. Elvis is wearing his Blue Gypsy Suit. Original sound. Not dubbed.

(Running time: 70 minutes)

 Elvis In Atlanta, GA 1976

Elvis in Atlanta, GA. December 30th, 1976.

(Running time: 42 minutes)

 Elvis In Birmingham 1976

Elvis In Birmingham, AL. December 29th, 1976. Original sound. Not dubbed.

(Running time: 44 minutes)

 “Sensational In Cincinnati” 1976

Elvis – ‘Sensational in Cincinnati', OH. March 21st, 1976.

(Running time: 32 minutes)

 Elvis – Live In Johnson City, TN. 1976

Elvis - Live in Concert, Johnson City, TN. March 17th, 1976. Wearing the Blue Suit with White Phoenix. Original sound. Not dubbed.

(Running time: 46 minutes)

 Elvis – At The Hilton 1976 Vol. 1 & 2

This set contains both Volumes of Elvis' performances in the Las Vegas Hilton. The first performance is on Dec. 3rd, 1976. Elvis was wearing the ‘Indian Suit'. The second was on Dec. 4th, 1976. Elvis was wearing the ‘Inca Gold Leaf Suit'.

(Running time: 82 minutes)

 Elvis “SOLD OUT” – On Tour 1974

SOLD OUT 1974 contains material from different Elvis concerts in 1974. Great close-ups of Elvis on stage.

(Running time: 45 minutes)

 Live At Madison Square Garden, 1972

Elvis - Live at Madison Square Garden, NY June 1972. Also included is some very rare never before seen footage of the New York press conference. Some great close-ups of Elvis on stage. The picture quality is not perfect but it's some very rare footage.

(Running time: 45 minutes)

 Live in Michigan, New Year's Eve! 1975

ELVIS - Live In Michigan. This concert is from the Pontiac Silverdome in Michigan, New Year's Eve! 1975.

(Running time: 54 minutes)

 Elvis – Early Vegas Volumes 1 & 2

Early Vegas Volumes 1 & 2. A new set that contains lots of footage of Elvis Live on stage in Las Vegas 1970-1972, wearing lots of different jumpsuits.

(Running time: 75 minutes)

 Elvis - Touring The States!

Packed with Elvis Live concert footage from 1972-1977. Original sound, not dubbed.

(Running time: 52 minutes)

 Opening Nights! 1974

This is the ‘Peacock Phenomenon'

(Running time: 75 minutes)

 Las Vegas, assorted 1972 Vegas Shows

This features Elvis in his prime, Knocking Em' Dead in Las Vegas, assorted 1972 Vegas Shows.

(Running time: 42 minutes)

 Elvis in Cleveland & Summer Festival '75

Elvis - Live In Cleveland, OH. July 18th, 1975. Plus the Summer Festival '75. He is wearing his Blue Gypsy Suit.

(Running time: 57 minutes)

 Touring The Nation!

Touring The Nation! This is an assorted collection of Elvis in concert though the years.

(Running time: 52 minutes)

 New York 1977!

Good close-ups of Elvis shaking the hands of the fans. Original sound, not dubbed.

(Running time: 13 minutes)

 ELVIS - In Chicago 10-15-76!

This concert of Elvis was Recorded Live in Chicago on October 15th, 1976. Original sound, not dubbed. I also have the CD of this concert called A Hot Evening.

(Running time: 25 minutes)

 ELVIS - In St. Louis 3-22-76!

This concert of Elvis was Recorded Live in St. Louis on March 22nd, 1976. Great close-ups of Elvis. Original sound, not dubbed.

(Running time: 30 minutes)

 ELVIS - In Philadelphia 6-23-74!

This is footage of Elvis' concert in Philadelphia on June 23rd, 1974!

(Running time: 10 minutes)

 Return To Splendor! Jumpsuit Footage

This documentary shows rare video footage of Elvis' different jumpsuits & concerts. It also features very rare video footage of Elvis arriving & leaving concerts & airports.

(Running time: 53 minutes)

 Charlotte, NC. & Hilton – 1976

This is Elvis in Charlotte, NC. & at The Hilton – 1976. Very low sound. Good Picture!

(Running time: 60 minutes)